Monday, September 21, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 14

Man, Tony. How many The Sunday Currentlys have you done on a Monday? Just a few, actually. It's our exam week and I'm planning on taking the exams really seriously this time. What have you been up to?


Reading our Media Law hand-outs. I'm most nervous with our ML exam more than anything else.

Writing some reviewers for my exams tomorrow, and some blog posts I have lined up.  

Listening to GIRL by Daoko

Thinking of exams. I've never really considered myself to be some sort of achiever, but I always do my best to maintain my good grades. (Take note: good, not great.)

Wishing Praying for some more courage. I need to go to confession again because I feel like I am falling back into that pit I climbed back up from, and I'm not just gonna give up on everything I've persevered for. 

Wearing pajamas.

Loving our exam schedule. Yep, sleep in all day, stay up all night.

Wanting these emoji stickers. (^・ω・^ )

Image is from Mr. Google.

Needing to get my passport. My dad found an extra birth certificate so what am I waiting for?!

Feeling really pained. A molar is poking out and ripping my gums apart and I can't eat well because of it. Why do wisdom teeth grow without any wisdom coming from them?!

Wait a moment...

Does that mean I've been wise all along?

I don't get it. The pain doesn't make sense.

What have you been up to this beautiful and rainy Sunday Monday? 

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