Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 13

Stop daydreaming, man. Get it done. 


Reading our Foreign Language hand-outs. Spanish is a challenge, and I have accepted it graciously.

Writing some blog posts I have lined up. I'm really losing all of my time to school even though I'm managing it in the most efficient way ever.  

Listening to Vincent on the other side of the phone. 

Thinking of my World Youth Day application. The passport's pretty much the defining thing in the initial application. I'm still trying my very best to stay strong and keep my head above the water even when the waves are crashing in. The storm's calmed down a little, but I'm clinging to a buoy for all I know. 

Wishing Praying for some courage. I need to go to confession because I feel like the more I wallow in these negative emotions and occurrences, the more they'll eat me alive, and I'm not just gonna give up on everything I've persevered for. 

Wearing pajamas.

Loving the new pair of shoes I got from my big sister. Sneaks are life. 

Wanting these wigs. 

Images are from Mr. Google.

Any of the two is fine. Both is also fine. (^・ω・^ )

Needing to get my passport. For serious. This is the make-or-break of my entire World Youth Day application.

Feeling a little uplifted, but not quite there yet. Do the right thing, man. Do it to make yourself worthy. 

Thx Shia and Tumblr

What have you been up to this beautiful and rainy Sunday? 

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