Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things, Volume 12

Hello! Welcome to Friday's 10 Happy Things, a blog link-up created by Ms. Helga! On this day, you blog and tell us about the things that made your heart sing this week. (^・ω・^ )

Today's the day I kicked procrastination's butt.୧ʕ•̀ᴥ•́ʔ୨Me and the rest of my squad went to the main campus today for our medical check-up. Clearance signing by the end of the semester will be a breeze.

1. I am still so happy about this case that Vincent bought from Fudge Rock when we went to the Zalora Fair in SM Mega. (I'm still so happy about that entire day and I miss him to bits but he turns 24 on Sunday so I get to see him again!!!)

2. I have this ~*~secret admirer~*~ from school who calls himself The Watcher. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) This is probably pretty late, but I laughed so hard when I read this and as much as I appreciate his admiration, The Watcher is probably late to the fact that I'm already 22 and in a 4.75 year relationship, and my friends are out to get him and such. (Of course other people were telling me that someone might just be playin', but that doesn't matter as long as I keep on slayin'.)

3. The derps and I had lunch at Robinsons Antipolo last Tuesday and I felt extra cute. I also got a free UBS meal from Jollibee! Thanks to my papa and his credit card freebie.

4. This week's chapter of Where Tangents Meet is just so cute I am so sorry.

5. Being able to channel negativity into productivity.

I walk home every day with these charming gents. 
Nothing to worry about at all. 

6. Having guy friends who are genuinely concerned about you. (Last Thursday was corporate attire day and I was wearing a polo shirt, and they were so worried that other people might see my cleavage but doesn't that mean that they were looking at it in the first place?! Jk jk.) 

7. Getting good grades at school. God knows that I'm not at my best yet, but wait 'til that happens. 

8. Receiving a crap-ton of chocolate from Manay's daughter. (She got a pack of Mars Bars especially for me!) 

9. Finding out that I am still growing ((even after a lot of people said that I'd stop at 21)). I grew a cm taller and am also a kilo heavier. The school doctor didn't say anything about my weight, so I guess I'm at a good spot. :D

"U r so annoying tita omg"

10. Having my nieces over. My sister wouldn't stop pestering me about getting her a Baymax plushie for her car, so I bought one, and they drove all the way up here just to pick it up.

I hope your week went great! Here's to a great long weekend as well! 

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  1. Yay for that cutie case and for having friends who genuinely care for you. :D

  2. Your case is so cute!!! And so's having a secret admirer hahaha.