Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 9

Hello! I'm so glad to be back on track! I figured that some problems aren't worth losing sleep over and that I just had to get up and shake it off. I actually feel a lot embarrassed for whining about them the past few days, so I apologize. 

How are you spending this lovely Sunday? (^・ω・^ )


Reading Working on some logo and shirt commissions for church! It's been a while since I was last given a project, so I'm actually happy about this. 

Writing an impression paper about Case Law / Jurisprudence Affecting Mass Media, something for our Media Law class.  

Listening to Mine by Taylor Swift. This reminds me of my first year with Vincent. Half a year to go before our fifth year together!  

Thinking of today's World Youth Day initial screening. I've been worrying about it for the past two weeks and now that it's done, I can finally take a deep breath again... before the next one. I can say that I did a fairly well job, partly because the staff was considerate and I was really stoked. 

To think that two years ago, we were only daydreaming about being delegates, and today, it's like I'm on my way.  
Wishing that this semester will take it easy on us. It's only been a week, but I can feeeeel the pressuuuure. 

Wearing this blue V-neck shirt I got from my big sister. I happened to like this shirt a lot.

Loving Manay's Kare-Kare. Today's lunch is the heartiest lunch I've had in days. 

Wanting to hang out with my friends (the crazy family) from CIIT. These peeps are my best supporters and I think I need a little more of their crazy encouragement.  

Needing to save up. I have something to save up for, something specific...   

Feeling a whole lot better. I think I needed the past few days to remind myself who's really in charge of my life. I guess sometimes you really gotta fall apart a little so that things can fall into place as well. 

What are you up to this beautiful Sunday, aside from sleeping in and daydreaming? Tell me about it! 

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  1. Glad to know that you're feeling better now! :) I hope you get in and become an official delegate for the World Youth Day! All the best, Tony!


    1. Thank you very much! I honestly felt so bad about whining about my life instead of being thankful that I still have it better compared to other people. I need to stay a lot more positive from now on!