Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 10

And 90 more to go. 

What do I do with myself? I live for stories yet I can't seem to write a good one. 

I started binge-watching some anime and a little Game of Thrones, the latter for research purposes (no kidding!). Inspiration is scarce, even with all wonderful stuff that's happened. How long will my spirit be this damp? 


Reading "Veronika Decides to Die" by Paulo Coelho. I found this book in the school library while having some grim thoughts of my own. 

Writing... Well, I know that I should be writing something for school, I just can't put my finger on it... 

Listening Watching Charlotte, a fairly new anime which kinda reminds me of Alice Academy, though this one is far more serious. I like anime that goes with the special abilities theme. It makes me wonder if I have some of my own. (Yes, this is just me fantasizing.)

Thinking of whether or not I should wear make-up to school. I don't even know why, but I've been contemplating on this since last week. While there's a part of me yelling "PUT ON YOUR WAR PAINTTT!!", there's this other part that's saying, "Uhg, that'll be a pain to keep up once you get to school." Will I ever be ready for this?! 
Wishing that I'd get over myself soon. 

Wearing an all-black ensemble. 

Wanting to buy some Mad Tee Party shirts + some cute stuff from the Kawaii PH Store. I've been dying to have their iconic Stay Weird shirt and I'm crying because they're on sale 'til the end of July and I am saving up aaaahh. 

Needing to save up. I figured I gotta save up for World Youth Day, even though I haven't received some sort of confirmation yet, and since I suck at banking, I just decided to slap a label on one of my coin banks. 

Feeling easy-breezy with a slight chance of rain. I've been feeling well, but I'm still not in my best condition yet, but here's to a new week full of new opportunities.

What have you been up to this beautiful Sunday, aside from sleeping in and daydreaming? Tell me about it! 

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