Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things, Volume 10

Hello! Welcome to Friday's 10 Happy Things, a blog link-up created by Ms. Helga! On this day, you blog and tell us about the things that made your heart sing this week. (^・ω・^ )

This week, the college hosted the Intermix, which is pretty much all about recruiting freshmen into special organizations. If you remember last week, our organization's page took flight and now has almost two hundred likes! (Yes, that's something to be happy about!) 

Here's some more things that made me smile this week!

1. Four pages of registrations for our organization were filled out! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ It's gonna be a big year for FMS. Too bad I won't be around for our very first general assembly. (╥_╥)

2. The Internet at school (really) works. I even managed to read some of my favorite weekly Line Webtoons. 

3. Bulaluhan Avenue's Pares meal. I think I fell in love with it a little bit. 

4. This drawing Vincent made for me. 

We've been together for almost five years and he still draws us like that. Always. I hope I never get too heavy for you. 

5. Organizational Communication and Technical Writing classes. There's never a dull moment once our professor, Sir Jannsen, starts telling stories. 

6. The fact that my classmates trust me enough to be a group leader. Being a leader isn't new, but it's always a little terrifying. I'm doing my best, my loves. 

7. Meeting up with old and trusted friends. 

8. We saw Ant-Man on the big screen. It was good, but not as thrilling as The Avengers. (Will he show up in Civil War?) 

9. I borrowed some books from the library. I thought that reading a little more might inspire me to write again. 

10. The fact that I reached Volume 10 today! Phew! I hope you stick around for more of my happy things!  

How did your week go? I hope you had a great one! 

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  1. Thank you for reaching vol 10! <333

    I haven't seen Ant-Man. Might just wait for it to be available online haha.

    1. So glad to be a part of this link-up! It makes me appreciate little things and realize that they aren't exactly little. <3