Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Day In The Life

Hello! I stumbled upon this while stalking reading Ms. Jhanz's blog! She blogged about a day in her stressful yet interesting working lady life. (She's super nice, so drop by her blog and say hi!) I must admit, her blog post made me go weak in the knees, as I never have to go through such terrible traffic conditions such as hers, and it makes me think, "Will I ever be ready for this?!" 

I think that my life itself isn't entirely interesting or like that of a celebrity's, but I do have my share of fun times and unforgettable moments. While I think that my life isn't that interesting at all, I still try to find a little magic in everyday's mundane occurrences. 

And the magic starts at 6:15 am.

That's actually a rather early time to wake up, considering how I'm only a 15-minute trike ride away from school, but I think I wake up early for the right reasons.


Ever since I had my super short haircut last year, there isn't a day that I wake up without a massive bedhead.


I eat breakfast at 6:30 am, depending on what's on the table. (Because if it's something like fried rice, tuyo or dried fish, a sunny-side up egg and a saucer of vinegar, I'm bound to stay for a few more minutes.) I start my day with a mug of Milo + Bear Brand.

Of course there's this guy, too.

I enter the bathroom at 6:45 and get out at 7:00. That gives me around 30 minutes to dress up and ready myself for 9 hours of school. My beauty secret comes in tubes of cream powders, and my ID pretty much holds most of my inspiration.


It took me a few days to estimate the perfect time to leave the house, but I will never be sure. I leave at 7:30, with just enough time to walk and wait for a trike to pass by.

"Take care, bitch," Jepoy said as he gave me an apathetic smile.

And most of my day is composed of nine hours of school. 


Comm Arts. We have a flare for writing and an innate passion for speaking. 


And messing around with these derps. 

I kinda like the new building. 


Still getting used to it. 

The way home tends to be more difficult, as it takes a lot of patience to wait for a trike to fill up, and this isn't even the trike to my house! Of course I like to think that there's a little magic everywhere, like simple conversations with tricycle drivers, or being lucky enough to go home with a friend you live close to. 

And sometimes I'm lucky enough to see her. 


I arrive at home from school at around 5:30 pm or around quarter to 6:00, and I'm usually greeted by these happy faces. 


And sometimes, cats.

The rest of the evening is just me doing homework or reading. Since I wait for Vincent to get home from work, which is around 9:30 in the evening, I usually stay up a little later and write on my planner, or maybe do some small arts and crafts projects just to keep me awake.

On days when we don't have much to do for school, I write blog drafts and do logo commissions for church. 

Have you seen how my Saturday goes?

omg wat indeed.

And then we do it all again tomorrow. 

So that's a day in my life! Pretty ordinary, if you ask me, but it wouldn't hurt to look for a little magic, right? 

Thanks for joining me on a day in my life! How does your day normally go? Tell me about it! 
(^・ω・^ )


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