Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tony's Caturday at Cat Cafe Manila

For cat-lovers like me who can't keep cats at home, where can we find the comforting presence of a furry, feline friend while still feeling the relaxing ambiance of home? I got just the solution for your kitty cat-missing blues. (^・ω・^ )

The earliest cat cafe in Asia was opened in Taiwan in 1998. As of today, the most popular venue of cat cafes is Japan, with at least 39 of them in Tokyo alone. 

In the Philippines, the rise of cat cafes has only just begun. 

Maginhawa Street in Quezon City is known for being a foodie hot-spot, with all the different kinds of restaurants to choose from, there's definitely one for every person. This street is known for drawing in different kinds of people, from all walks of life, all with a thirst and hunger for what the mainstream can't offer: a break from life. 

Also located in Maginhawa Street is a tiny haven for people like me who can't keep a feline friend at home. Ladies and gents, welcome to Cat Cafe Manila

Cat Cafe Manila is home to a handful of friendly Puspins (Pusang Pinoy / Pinoy Cats) rescued by CARA (Compassion and Responsibility for Animals) Welfare Philippines and are all looking for their forever families. 

Vincent brought me for our date last Saturday and... Why don't I just show you?

I think that the first thing you'll notice (aside from the cats) are the shelves decked with cute cat items. They also sold stickers for P10.00!

The entire place is a cat(-lover) haven.

As for the yummies, you have a wide selection of sweet treats to choose from. 

And the kitties who came to play with us... 

Mama Cat was given this name by CARA because she takes care of rescued kittens. She's a real beauty, which kinda reminds me of Duchess from The Aristocats. 

Trigger is a playful ginger, usually bolting around the place and evading guests. He likes the stringed cat toys.

Good-looking BG was asleep most of the hour. After all, 1:00 to 2:00 pm is the best time for a siesta.

Bicco gives off Alpha male vibes. He's got a really proud stride and is just so handsome. 

Shelly is like a lazier Mama Cat, and though she was asleep half of our visit, she came by our table to say "hi" when she woke up. 

Peggy seemed to like Vincent a lot. (It's probably because they didn't move from their spots since they started playing.)

Don't look, or it takes you. 

Oreo's a mysterious lady. They do say that mysterious ladies are gorgeous, so I guess there's some truth to that.

Ling-Ling was named that because she's slightly cross-eyed. She knows where to go when she feels like she needs a break. 

Yep. Good job bb. 

I think my mom wants to adopt Basu, this plump white-ginger mix. Her face and tail reminds me of a bobtail cat.

She said that this is a kitty after her heart. Don't get my hopes up too high, mom. 

Chaka's a really sweetheart. She'll climb up on your lap whether you like it or not and will (kindly) demand pets and cuddles from you. 

The black cat Nacho looks like he's always in deep thought. 

I know for a fact that Domino likes this wall a lot because she stayed there the entire hour we were there! 

And I think Shaira doesn't want to admit it, but she likes being taken photos of.

Oh u silly stranger stop taking pictures of me~

Hold up, gotta be cute. 

The kitties were absolutely friendly (and some of them will even try to steal a bite from your snack)! 

If you're a first-timer just like us, I suggest carefully reading the house rules and... wear socks, along with some other tips. (^・ω・^ )

Tony's Tips!

1. Come on time! If you made a reservation, make sure to arrive a few minutes before so that you'll have time to sanitize and read the house rules. You also have only an hour to enjoy the company of the kitties, so better make the most of it by coming on time! 

2. Come in pairs, or really small groups. The cafe is spacious enough to accommodate a only handful of people every hour, and on weekends, the place is bustling with activity. A group of three or four people is fine. 

3. Follow the house rules. The caretakers usually instruct their guests to read the house rules before entering the venue. Most of the rules are regarding the cats, so it's best to look them up. They also have cat toys there, so better put the yarn back in the drawer. (^・ω・^ )

4. Read about the cats' personalities. The cafe has small charts with pictures of the cats and some of their basic attributes (Gender, age, etc.) as well as their personalities. While most of the cats were very friendly and cuddly, some are still kind of wary of guests. 

5. Have a snack. A fee of P200.00 is paid upon entrance, where P100.00 will go to the cats' needs (such as food and medicine), and the other P100.00 goes to your complementary snack and drink. I suggest getting cookies, which are easier to munch on while playing with the cats, but they also serve pasta! (I highly recommend the red velvet cookie! It was yummmmmy!) 

6. Don't hurt the cats if they don't come near you. I mean, COME ON. 

Following the rules will guarantee a really happy visit. 

If you're considering dropping by, say hello to the cats for me! I hope you have fun on your Caturday! (^・ω・^ )


  1. Looks like a super fun place to be! I've been seeing this around and I've always wondered how it would've felt to dine with cats. Unfortunately for me, I'm not a big fan, and I have a bit of an allergy too :(

    1. Yes, it was super fun! All the cats are plump and kind of lazy, but still really playful! One of them even tried to steal my cookie haha :) My little brother also has some allergies, which is why we can't keep cats at home :( If you're more into dogs, there's also a doggy cafe somewhere in the metro as well. :)

  2. WAAAH!!!!! I WANNA GO!!! My cats are mean and don't like cuddling but I'm also allergic haha so I'll need to take meds before and during my visit. <333

    1. The cats are plump and lazy, but they love cuddles! The place is really relaxing, so some of them were asleep during most of our visit (and some were running around the place). It was really fun I highly suggest going there (don't forget your meds)! :3

  3. Fave cat cafe in town.. since all these kittens are adoptable. I wanna meet Ling-Ling and Peggy too, such precious cats. :)

    I went there also, here's my post: https://ayelaniton.wordpress.com/2015/04/15/crazy-cat-lady-goes-to-cat-cafe-manila/

    1. We availed their loyalty cards and plan on going back soon. One of the white cats, Shelly, recently got adopted, so I believe they'll add another one. :) Thank you for dropping by!