Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 6

Happy Father's Day to all your cute papitos!


Reading Under the Aegis Ep. 10 by Vimeddiee. Line Webtoons has a lot of good stuff! 

Writing a personal blog post. 

Listening Watching the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. (Day-um, Black Lady got a rockin' rack.)  

Thinking of yesterday's youth activity, which happened to be a seven-man bible sharing. I wonder what it'll take to get more kids to be interested in the youth ministry. 
Wishing that my cough and cold get better soon. I don't think I need more sleep, since I've been sleeping in for the past few days (taking advantage of the last two weeks of summer vacation).   

my PJs. Pajama weather is finally here. 

Loving the chilly weather. I hope it's all chill and no rain.  

Wanting to just cuddle up with Vincent on this rainy evening.

Needing some cough and cold meds. Coughing fits attack whenever they are most unwelcome, like earlier this morning while I was at church.    

Feeling under the weather. Cough + cold + period = a really sick me. I was a coughing mess last night and earlier this morning at church and it's obviously not good because it's a red Hinulugang Taktak falls in every cough. (Ha good luck getting that image out of your head.)

That's a glimpse of what I've been up to this weekend. What have you been up to this beautiful Sunday, aside from annoying your dad (and coughing ohoho)? I hope you enjoyed your weekend with your dad!

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    1. Thank you! I'm feeling much better now, just a little cough is all that's left. :)