Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Blogger Inspirations // Style Influences

I started blogging in 2009. I was sixteen and had no idea that what I was doing back then was blogging. My first blog was in the now-dead Multiply, and I had the time of my life exchanging stories (and gossip) with my high school batchmates. Of course, I try not to bring up such a horrid past because back then, I didn't know squat about proper blogging. (And I had the most horrible username ever. I don't even want to remember it.) 

My blog today is pretty much everything I learned from design school, and all of the things that make me happy. 

I draw inspiration (and some of my content) from certain people who not only have an influence on my blog, but also have an effect on my person. Don't worry, I don't think I'd follow negative influences, and that's the last thing I wanna do since I've been trying my best to flush out all of the negative vibrations in my life. 

For a person to have an effect on another means that they're doing something different, and that difference doesn't scare or frighten the other. Their way of doing things makes the other person want to give it a try, or maybe encourage them to learn. While it may be something normal for one, it can be life-changing to another, or even better: inspiring. 

It's not a long list, and some of them have been my inspiration even before I began this blog. Here are some of the people that sparked my interests, and maybe you might find them interesting as well.

Kelsey Ellison

I first saw her on Youtube while I was watching VenusAngelic videos (don't judge me, man. I love kawaii). While I found her dances energizing, what I found more interesting about her is her sense of style. She's pretty much a part of what made my love for Harajuku fashion take flight. 

Alexa Poletti

Alexa's Style Blog // Instagram

Her face, especially her eyes, is striking. I also found her on Youtube, while watching make-up tutorials.  Her looks and #OOTDs look really cute and fun. She has an arm full of tattooes (called a sleeve), which I think doesn't match her kawaii style, but it also looks really good. (I often contemplate on getting a tattoo once I graduate, but I think my parents will go ballistic on me.) She is a model-endorser for the brand Gothic Lolita Wigs, which I think is the bomb. Their wigs are gorgeous, and they chose a gorgeous endorser! She also has a twin sister! (Ah, me and my fascination with twins.) 

When I first saw her on Tumblr, I was like, "Is she even real?" Her style leans more on the Himekaji (a sub-category of Hime-Gyaru), which is cute, frilly and doll-like clothing. Not much is known about her, like where she goes to college and work, but what we do know is that she had a rhinoplasty (and she was completely honest about it!), she currently lives with her artist boyfriend of six years, and that she has a massive figure collection. I find her style refreshing, contrast to my interest in the wild and colorful Harajuku fashion. 

Kaila // Rainbowholic

I've only followed her recently when an anon on sent me her blog and I immediately fell in love with her. To think that someone out there is just as in love with Japan as I am, and that she already made it there! From what I've read, she's one of the founders of JapanLover.Me, she's also a Green Archer, and that she currently lives in Japan as an ambassador of kawaii. Talk about goals!

Ah, where do I even start? I've been following Ms. Helga even before I graduated from high school, and now I'm on my second course. When we were younger, my little sister often berated me for following her because she was a ~*~bad girl~*~ and I was like, no she's not bad, she's just being honest. I started following her on Tumblr (, then on Twitter, and when I made my Instagram in 2012, she was one of the first people I ever followed. (And I'm terrible at socializing so I only began to comment on her blog posts recently.) 

When she first dyed her hair pink, I can't remember how long I pestered my mom to let me color my hair as well. When she posted a photo of her Staryu tattoo, I've also decided that I want a Mew somewhere on my body as well. Most of the beautiful and wild things I've wanted was her influence, but I never really got around to doing anything, mostly because I'd get kicked out of the house, and I'm not nearly as brave as she is. 

(And all of my artsy, model-esque wall photos? She inspired me to do that as well.) 

Now I don't want to bring up any old-school Tumblr stories about her, but it's really Ms. Helga's honesty and positive approach on life that's kept me glued to her (blog) for a really long time now. She's a positive influence because I learned that being true to myself, along with self-discipline, is the best way to be kind to myself, that it's totally okay to be honest with other people, and that it's also all right to make friends on the Internet (as long as you guys are on the same boat). I think I can say that of all the people on this list, she's my most favorite blogger. All of that, and her sense of humor to boot. 


Berry Tsukasa

ichigoflavor // Instagram

When I first found out that she was part Filipino, I flipped. She's chill, and her sense of style is to die for. She's based in the U.S. with her family and is currently on hiatus. 

Marzia Bisognin

CutiepieMarzia // Instagram

If you know PewDiePie, then I can bet my boots that you know his girlfriend Marzia. She often vlogs about her life with Pewds and their pet pugs, and sometimes shares really creepy short stories as well. Her style is like a cross between boho and mori-kei (someone correct me if I'm wrong!) I find her scaring Pewds videos absolutely amusing and I plan on doing that some time in the future. (I mean, hopefully Vincent isn't diagnosed with high blood pressure or something.) 

My list pretty much explains why my style is a jumbled-up kawaii-hipster mix and I'm actually really proud about it (though my parents find it... unorthodox here in our country). Aside from my dream of building a Mariapolis, another one of my goals is to spread and represent the kawaii lifestyle here in the Philippines, one event and convention at a time. 

What does it take for someone to be an inspiration? Does inspiring someone really start a riot within that person? Being an inspiration means that you actually made someone think, or even better: work. I hope I get to that point in time someday. 

Who are the people that inspire you? :) 


  1. Awww, thank you!!! And you picked a photo of me with Freakie! <3 I used to be a mean troll during Tumblr because it was FUNNY but I was also kind of an asshole haha. THANK YOU FOR STICKING AROUND, this is very touching. <3

    1. Thank you as well! I learned a lot (and still learning) from you and I know I'm still awkward at a lot of things but I am trying my best! Thank you for teaching me how to be brave. (I sound so cheesy but still) <3