Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things, Volume 6

Hello! This week has mostly been vanilla ice cream and hairless Shih-tzus roaming around our house. Such fun. (^・ω・^ )

Here is my list of the things that made my heart sing this week.

1. New clothes I bought for myself. I think wearing clothes you genuinely like improves your mood like 10x. 

2. My little sister celebrated her 16th birthday last Tuesday. She invited her closest friends and bonded over card games and pizza. Her celebration made me remember my own ~*~sweet 16~*~, where my grandmother baked a cake for me and my friends brought my crush to my house. Looking back at it now, it was kind of cheesy, but I'm insanely glad that those friends I had over back then are still my friends to this day. 

3. I spent most of the afternoon of her birthday watching animated short films on Youtube, which led me to watch two full-length movies by the Japanese animator Kon Satoshi, Paprika and Perfect Blue. Both films deal with mixing dreams and reality and they left me with that same specific feeling of unfortunate mindf*ck I felt after I watched Inception. (I had Vincent explain to me every detail of Inception that I didn't understand. It was unfortunate, indeed.) 

Nevertheless, these stories will keep you glued to your screen, and the art is gorgeous. 

 Movie posters are from Google.

4. Newly-groomed dogs.

5. New writing pens. Faber Castell pens make me feel like my handwriting is more controlled.

6. Being commissioned to make logos that are not church-related. (Of course being severely under-talented with logo designs makes me absolutely grateful to have a supportive boyfriend with an eye for design.)

7. Getting a free donut from Dunkin' Donuts because it's World National Donut Day. 

8. Minecraft Volume Alpha and Volume Beta.

9. Having a strong and sudden interest in new anime, such as Tokyo Ghoul and DanMachi. (Or this is probably just me bandwagon-ing but anyways) 

10. Writing story snippets that make up a part of this one big story I'm working on. Ah, the things you think of when you're in the shower, huh? 

How did the week go for you? (^・ω・^ )

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