Monday, May 18, 2015

Tony at NyanCon 2015 ☆

(Note: Photo-heavy post. Please bear with the loading!) 

But first, here is an origin story.

I first encountered Nyan(ners) Cat way back in ToyCon 2012. Apparently, he got lost on his way back to his booth and I thought that it was a great idea to have a photo taken with him. 

At that time, I didn't know who was under the head, and little did we know that I'd be supporting more of his events in the future, just like this one.

The first convention I attended this year. 

NyanCon was one of Nyanners' brainchildren, and it's his third year planning and organizing cosplay events such as this. As I've mentioned before, NyanCon was their team's first event to be held in a shopping mall, and what better way to promote their endeavor of making cosplay in Antipolo well-known and appreciated by holding the event in the newly-opened Robinsons Place Antipolo? A++ for their team's effort. I kid you not, it's no joke to go through days and hours of meeting with people you don't know for the sake of making an event happen. (My organization skills are nowhere near as good as theirs, but I always get my crap done.)

The event was pretty well-received by the people. It's pretty low-key compared to other events such as the yearly ToyCon and OzineFest, and considering the venue of the event, I'm sure that some congoers and cosplayers just weren't willing to travel to a far-flung place to attend an event they've never heard of before. Nevertheless, I'm sure that this con will make waves and noise and who knows, it might just be the next big thing. 

(On a side note, when we were still in classes earlier this year, I often joked at Nyanners that NyanCon was like an underground hipster tree house event. Can't wait for the day that I'm able to tell him that I attended NyanCon before it was cool and ~*~mainstream~*~)

Anyways, on to the event proper!


NyanCon had no entrance fees, which meant everyone in the mall was welcome to join in the fun. It was held in the mall's atrium, and was barricaded, but people could freely enter and exit the event proper. The way the stage and lights were assembled was pretty much the mall's standard. As the event went on, more chairs were placed inside the proper. The mall security did well in containing the crowd, and I'm hoping that they did it kindly.


On the sides of the event proper were concessionaires for the exhibitors. Like last year, Perkee was there to sell their cute plush items!

Meng's Toy Outlet was also there and they had lots of toys from the wonderful land of Nippon. They had lost of 90's Sailor Moon merch, and some manga, too!

And how could I just pass ToxicKitty's booth? Their items are so delicately made! 

Other exhibitors present were Princess Bubblegum, Diana La Modista, Sumthin-Sumthin, and Cosplay Zone.

The event also held games such as Guess the Anime Song, Bring me this and that, Anime Pop Quiz, and the highlight game, the Suman (Rice Cake) eating contest. What better way to celebrate the May time festivities here in Antipolo than shoveling down some freshly-made Suman?

The prizes had a special booth which was called the Purrizes corner. I happened to nab a prize by answering the question "What is Sailor Mars or Rei Hino's occupation in Sailor Moon?" The answer? She's a priestess! So yay prize for me! 

The event was set off when Nyan Cat himself got on stage and danced! 

Idol groups Sweet Chaos and Ivy! Musume performed onstage. (To be honest, this is my frustration. I want to be an idol, and I've told Vincent this yesterday. Being an idol is hard work, though. You need to have singing and dancing talents, it can't just be one, and you have to have to have to be cute! Unfortunately for me, I'm only cute, so there goes my idol dreams. I still pretend I'm one when I'm in the shower, though.) Vincent said that Ivy! Musume got their song on point. (That came from a guy with an ear for Japanese music.)

One of the event's highlights was the cosplay catwalk or ramp. In this segment, the cosplayers show off their skills in costuming, crafting, and characterization. 

Forgive me for the quality of the photos because I'm not a professional, I just happened to like taking photos. The following were the ones who participated in the male and female category. Watermarks are a pain tbh. I skipped that part because I think these photos aren't that good to be stolen. (Click on the photos to enlarge them!)

Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail and Li Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles

Ice Man from X-Men and Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Okay, now I have no idea who these guys are I am so sorry

Sinon from GGO. I liked how she aimed her gun (at me) as her final pose. 

I am so sorry for not watching anime or playing games that much oh my gosh

Comm Arts and Antipolo's very own Kang Dupet as the genderbent Taric from League of Legends.

This Jinx is such a cutiepie. Someone link me her Facebook or something.

More badassery. *applauds*

They were good! Of course I'm not someone to criticize the accuracy of their costumes because to be honest, my grasp of new anime is pretty weak compared to before, so again, I apologize if I can't name some most of them. 

More photos from the event.

One of the ladies from Sweet Chaos sang a song for us.

Now even I don't know why I was pulling my shirt like that but lemme tell you that I've been crushing on this girl for about a year now so that pretty much explains it. Go follow her on Instagram! @cjmiku 

NyanCon was well-supported by the mall's marketing manager. She thanked everyone who came and for choosing Robinsons Antipolo as the venue of such a colorful event.

And one of the faces of NyanCon, Lyan, graced the con with a dance number. This girl is tall and gorgeous, and she's only 14! (!!!)

Unfortunately, Vincent and I had to leave early because he had work that came up. I wanted to stay and finish the rest of the cosplay walk, but I understood that he needed to finish his job. We missed the remainder of the afternoon activities, such as the Mecha category, chibi category, and crossdress category catwalk. That, and more dancing!

As for my haul, well... I didn't get to buy much, which surprised both Vincent and I because whenever were at conventions, the pointing at things never stop. He bought me a flower crown headband (of his choice!), and a pair of cute button pins which I will find a place for on my bag soon enough. 

Cosplay is self-expression, and cosplayer's gotta have some nerves of steel to brush off the weird looks they get from strangers passing by, but you also gotta have a smile that'll melt those strangers' weird looks. (I mean, I wasn't in costume, but blue hair isn't something you see everyday, so I figured I'd get some looks.) (Is it possible to express yourself by getting out of yourself or something? Haha oh, well.)

All in all, the event was great. There was never a dull moment, the masters of ceremony did their job well at keeping the crowd happy and organized. The con was simply fun. I'd probably suggest a bigger venue next time since the mall got kind of cramped when the afternoon rolled by. 

A bigger event means a bigger gamble, but considering how they handled this one, I believe that they can aim for and achieve something greater. Nevertheless, it was an ornately-planned event, super colorful, and like always, I'm looking forward to the next event!

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