Monday, May 25, 2015

Tiger Sherbet ☆

Hello! This was my outfit last May 16, when I went to NyanCon. I decided to put this in a separate post.

My outfit consists of:

☆ Black beanie: Divisoria
☆ Pink ice cream-printed blouse: Farmers Plaza, Cubao
☆ Navy blue skater skirt: Isabella (Inactive)
☆ Dr. Marten's boots
☆ Tiger Head Backpack: A present from my Vincent 

On my face:

☆ Lenses: Cocktail Lenses in Wine Pink, 16 mm, from Serendipity Btq.
☆ Lashes: Dolly Wink Lashes 1: Dolly Sweet
☆ Lips: Flower Lip Crayon in Red Apple from Daiso Japan

Photos were taken by Vincent. Thank you, my poopy potato. 

And strangely, some FAQs. 

Why didn't you join the cosplay competition?

A: Are you kidding? Both Vincent and Nyanners know how awkward I am in front of people. That, and I didn't have a character to cosplay in mind. 

Where did you get your tiger back pack?

A: Vincent got it for me as a birthday present. I really don't know where. (He says he got it online.)

☆ Where do you get outfit inspirations? 

A: From Kimonotime, ichigoflavor, and Tokyo Fashion.

I should do more outfits posts in the future. Hopefully something less tacky.