Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 5

I was sick last week. Thank God that headache's gone!


(Re-)Reading "The Son of the Mob" by Gordon Korman. I've been insanely interested in mafia stories and literature since my last year in high school and I thought that re-reading this novel would lead me back to how the fascination began.

Writing the last part of my 2014 journal. To the shelf you'll go afterwards. 

Listening to I Can't Give You Anything But Love by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. 

Thinking of how I'm gonna make money this summer, because I have one more month to go before I go back to school. I want to save up for dates and stuff because I'm trying not to ask for money. I need to work (aaaahhh)! 
Wishing for my online purchase to arrive soon. 

my undershirt for church.

Loving my new glasses from Sunnies! 

Wanting all the clothes from The Anns because they're all totes cute and girly. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Needing to fully minimize my 2014 backlog so that I can shelf the planner and focus on 2015. I'm almost done!  

Feeling a little dispirited. Something happened this week that made me lose focus of what's truly important, and I've lost focus a lot of times already and I'm not letting that happen again.  

That's a glimpse of what I've been up to this weekend. What have you been up to this beautiful Sunday, aside from sleeping? I hope your weekend was action-packed!

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  1. I hope you regain your focus!

    My weekend was spent out of town and I dove right back into work when I got back. HUHU my brain is tired.