Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 4

Hi, Nyanners! 

The Internet is crap here at home because our dad is downloading shows at the moment. Today is one of the very rare Sundays when we just stayed at home and slept all day, and considering the fact that we were all excitedly exhausted yesterday... Yeah, there is justice. 

The Internet is so slow that I can't even load Facebook.


Reading the Tagalog Mass Guide I received from Tita Lani last year. Most of the ladies in the Ministry of Lectors know that my grasp of Tagalog is so weak, but that doesn't stop them from assigning me to read at Tagalog masses. I'm okay with speaking, but my understanding of how Tagalog works is unbelievably crass. I thank Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and my Grandmother for making it possible for English to be my first language. 

Writing about NyanCon 2015. Yesterday was a blast, but sadly, we had to leave early. More of that sob story in my following blog post. 

Listening to Primadonna Girl by Marina and the Diamonds. 

Thinking of how I'm gonna survive this summer because this is definitely the longest summer I'll ever have (and it's pretty ironic that it's the last one, too). How do I make the most out of this summer because I'll never have another like this again. More adventures, please. 
Wishing for Vincent to come over and sleep away his stress from work. Same as last, last week, sometimes I wish I could just kidnap him from his work and just sleep all day.

(I want to be your hiding place
when the world is too hard to face)

Nothing to do in this hear but sleep
by Rebecca Mock.
Wearing my Adventure Time boxers that my dad bought for me on the YMGS team building last April 26 and a hand-me-down shirt.  

Loving these Instax Mini Rainbow films. My big sister got these for me as a gift for my birthday and I never thought that they'd be so cute! I'll post the snaps in my following posts. 

Wanting to find new typefaces for my blog posts. I found this cute one but the download keeps on failing because we have tortoisenet. (And it's only 65 kb!)

Needing to minimize my 2014 backlog so that I can shelf the planner and focus on 2015.  

Feeling absolutely elated. Despite all of that lazing around this week and unexpected trips to the church, I still feel quite satisfied with how the week passed by. Some days, summer is supposed to be slow and steady, but there are days when it should be bustling with activity. When will that week come for me? 

That's a glimpse of what I've been up to this weekend. What have you been up to this beautiful Sunday, aside from sleeping? I hope your weekend was action-packed!

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