Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things, Volume 5

Hello! I've been quite productive this week. I'm about to shelf my 2014 planner, which means I can focus more on 2015. (Ha seriously Tony you should've been focusing on 2015 since, like, the start of 2015?!) Here is my list of the things that made my heart sing this week.

1. The splitting headache from last week is gone. 

2. Finally getting to eat Korean food, after how many weeks of craving. Thanks to Rex and his pretty lady for letting me third wheel, and our friend Oshi for not letting me third wheel alone. 

3. I made my first online transaction. I usually ask my boyfriend to buy stuff for me online (because I am such an awkward bird), but since he's so busy with work, I had to do it myself. I bought clothes for myself! Online! 

4. Balancing productivity and procrastination. 

5. I got to see my Vincent! For half a day! 

6. Silly texts from my best friend Nyanners, whom I haven't seen since after NyanCon. (And falling asleep on those said texts.) 

7. I bought a pack of Chooey Toffee and ate all of it. (I still feel happy about it now, but I dunno once the weight sets in again.)

8. Our dad bought us new glasses from Sunnies! Now to get them fixed! 

9. I am enrolled for the new semester, and we are starting the new school year at the new school building, which is totes near our place so yay I can save more! 

10. Youth church activities for the entire weekend. How cool is that?! 

It's Ms. Helga's birthday on Sunday! Go wish her a great one! And don't forget to tell us about how your week went!

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  1. Thank you, Tony!!!