Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things, Volume 3

Hello! I missed last week's 10 Happy Things because things got busy at church! (And allow me to give myself a little pat on the back for actually getting my list done on time!) Here is my list of the things that made my heart sing this week.

1. Going out on random misadventures with friends. (And keeping these adventures a secret.)

2. Hearing Vincent play his guitar while singing me to sleep. 

3. Our dad treated us to Chevy Burger last Wednesday. Another craving satisfied. 

4. Being invited to a classmate's debut and sharing one of her most memorable days with her. (I remember blogging about my own debut which was four years ago here.)

5. Finding old pictures of Vincent and I. This one was from 2012. 

And these were from October last year. I never got around to post them, so I'm posting these now. 

6. This is kind of weird, but I watched "The Simpsons Meet Family Guy" episode on Youtube and got a few giggles. (I know, my sense of humor is awfully crude and dry.) 

7. Afternoon Milo Dinosaurs in a huge mug and I learned how to make a grilled Nutella and mallows sandwich.

8. Seeing my mom happy and appreciating my honesty and our gift for her this mothers' day. 

9. Pouring out my heart in a blog post which I'll publish soon enough. 

10. Preparing to attend my first convention of the year, and the venue is no sweat! Good luck to Nyanners and the rest of his crew on their first mall event, NyanCon 2015! I'll be signing up as a photographer, so have your photo snapped when you see me around! 

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How did your week go? 

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  1. Those gifs are so cute!

    I love Milo dinosaur but I try not to drink it too much haha.