Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things, Volume 2

Hello once again! I know this is a rather late post, but I turned 22 yesterday (hooray!). I did finish my list yesterday (Friday), but I couldn't find the time to publish it because I had a few guests over. Hopefully, I'll get next week's list done on time. Nevertheless, here is how my week progressed.

Don't forget to join Ms. Helga's blog link-up and share with us the list of things that made your heart sing this week. Here's mine.

1. Last Monday, I went with my dad to his office and he made me hang out at the Starbucks downstairs. I was given two Summer Berry Panna Cotta free tastes, along with my Green Tea Cream. Talk about lucky!

2. I got my student license this week. My dad and I made a trip to Pasig's LTO and they said that I'd have to get a student license again (and wait for a month) before I apply for a non-pro license. I think it's all right because it'll give me more time to practice my driving.

3. My little brother and I have done nothing every afternoon except play Minecraft on his PS3. We've created tons of interconnected houses and bases and we're perfectly fine creating more and more. Yesterday, we made an underwater base which he proudly showed Vincent earlier today. 

4. Minecraft's piano music, especially the track Sweden.

5. Went to confession again after a month. I'm still no good, but I'd like to think that I'm getting better. Since its pilgrimage season here in Antipolo, a lot of people come up to see Our Lady. I was a bit surprised because most of the time, when I come to see her, not a lot of people are over and I stay for quite a while, but I couldn't do that now because there were people in line to see her. 

6. Look at this thing Vincent did for me. (He won't admit it, but I know that I'm his muse.)

7. I stayed up all night last Wednesday reading The Avengers fanfiction. Things like these remind me of my high school days when I stayed up all night writing fanfiction. (Here are two that tickled my funny bone, and I'm sorry but not really sorry that I ship Black Widow and Bruce Banner.)

8. Today is my birthday and my presents are off the charts! I remember tweeting about this before, but yes, my parents actually got me the Jansport Hairball backpack and I am absolutely elated. And then Vincent surprised me with the tiger head backpack. I am very thankful for all the presents I received, and everyone who greeted me, and yes, my happiness is off the charts as well.

9. I spent this day in the company of my family. Our big sister brought our nieces with her, along with her significant other, and my little sister's significant other also arrived (and gave me this beautiful handpainted handkerchief from Japan). 

10. CHOCOLATE. Lots and lots of it. 

How did your week go? 


  1. Happy birthday! Glad you got great presents!


    1. Thank you very much! I actually saw the Hairball backpack from you sometime back and I fell in love with it. I also think Minecraft is a tricky game, that's why we're always in creative mode. Thank you again and you're one of my inspirations, but I'll save that story for another blogpost!