Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Sunday Currently, Volume 2

I turn 22 in five days. (Five? Is that right?)

Hah. Please don't pull a Taylor Swift on me. 

Hello again! Here are some random, late-night musings. I just got home from a day-long team building, so I think blogging about my Sunday currently is a good way to burn out this excess energy.


Reading A1's Driver's Manual. I'm brushing up on how to drive a manual transmission, since I studied automatic the last time. 

Writing journal entries from this week, and a reflection of sorts. 

Listening to Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. (This song is my theme song for Vincent around four years ago heh.)

Thinking of how my father and I are gonna get my driver's license tomorrow. I've studied a bit for the test, so at least I'm not going to war without a weapon. 
Smelling like cotton blossoms lotion.

Wishing for Vincent to come over with some Shawarma or something. I've been craving for Shawarma these past few days. (Darn u red days) 

Wearing Vincent's red shirt.  

Loving Daiso Japan cosmetics. I bought a new lip crayon and I am excited to use it.

Wanting to cuddle with Vincent and maybe eat some Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) while we're at it.  

Needing to get in touch with my church girl self because I feel like she's so out of reach. 

Feeling very proud and satisfied with myself and with the YMGS because we got through our team building. We, The Young Missionaries of the Good Shepherd, got through this day in unison. We are getting there, guys. We are getting there.

Also feeling kinda excited because May starts next week, and the very first con I'll be attending this year is Nyanners' event, which I am promoting once again. Come over! They have a Suman (Rice cake) eating contest and lots of goodies! Here's one good way to celebrate our birthday month and fiesta month. (May is the fiesta month here in Antipolo!)

What have you been up to this beautiful Sunday? 

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