Monday, April 13, 2015

Life lately, Volume 3

(I'm no saint.)

The last few days of the semester was almost too unbearable... Though I would like to point out the massive increase of my involvement with our course. (But yeah, massive is just overestimating...) I'm always glad to be of help to our organization.

On the last days of the school year, I found myself getting attached to the campus. Is there such a thing as pre-partum depression because I think I'm going through that. After all, it was rumored that this incoming school year, the college department will be (shipped to) at the annex campus.

The annex campus is just a big block of building beside a national road and there are no trees at all. 
No trees.

I am so hurt. 

For me, this semester can be summed up into three major turning points: (Yeah, for me, at least.)

I became an alien queen. (Or something like that.)

Speaking of alien queen, I have yet to share with you all the success of this year's SparX (The Society of Performing Artists Reaching for Excellence). This year was an out-of-this-world, intergalactic theme, and our org president thought that it was a good idea to make me some sort of alien queen sending out a message to earth. (Here, have a link of the trailer.)

The concert was big hit, and though there were a few technical difficulties here and there, I thought that it was successful and I am looking forward to working with my org yet again next year and maybe finally let go and do some modelling (?!)


I became Stargirl. (From the book Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli)

(Inb4 h8trz come in and say that I look nothing like her...) I was actually just given a day and a half to prepare for the book parade, and like always, I am glad to be of help to our course


After the book parade, I was a sobbing mess (well, no, not really... but something close to that, though) because OH MY GOSH WHAT KIND OF COMMUNICATION ARTS STUDENT SUCKS AT IMPROMPTU SPEECHES?! (I could have been the ace back then. I could have been the wild card. But all I was was a freaking joker.) Of course none of that embarrassing shit reached our course, so I consider myself a little blessed. (Well, of course Nyanners was there to witness the entire thing and he still thought that I was adorkable so I guess that's a bit of consolation for me.)

I became Selene, the goddess of the Moon.

This was for a school project, by the way. I can recall clearly that the week this was done was the week that our course felt the closest to hell. School papers and video presentations were due and we were all pretty desperate for summer. Glad to say that we all made it. 

((Of course let's not forget that I also became the troubled daughter of a crime syndicate boss.)) AND NYANNERS WAS THE BUMBLING SON OF THE MAYOR. 

Finals period was fairly fun. Fairly fun. On our last day, Nyanners and the rest of our wolf pack went to Gavin's, a burger place here in Antipolo. We did the no-phone challenge, where the first one to pick up their phone will be treating us to a basket of potato wedges. I thought that it was a good way to actually initiate conversation with these guys, and because of our engrossment in the playing movie, coupled with our friend Oshi's boner joke, we were all too preoccupied to even look at our phones. I suggest trying this out when eating out with friends.

Last Thursday, I got to hang out with my friends from CIIT. Yep. After three hours of killing it on the badminton court, all of those burned calories were revived after an hour in Ever Gotesco's food court. Moments like these bring me back to the days when we were all happy with our sketchpads and Hong Kong style fried noodles. Ah, sad to say that I didn't get to snap a photo of our triple date, but here's me and a sleeping Vincent.

Church is pretty much the same. Like last year, I read at the Easter Vigil. My last post is still very relevant, as I'm pretty much in a "spiritual desert" right now. (I am desperately trying to win.)

Something that did uplift my spirit is our parish priest's decision to make shirts with the logo he commissioned a while back. Seeing my work in print still gives me the butterflies.

I'm also thinking of starting a The Sunday Currently. It's a good way to chronicle some more misadventures... like how our family will be leaving tomorrow for La Union. 

Yes, my summer has just begun. 

What have you been up to lately?

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