Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday's 10 Happy Things, Volume 1

I chanced upon Ms. Helga's very first weekly blog link-up and I thought that her theme was another great way to chronicle my (our) weekly blessings. (Take note that I wrote this on a Friday but had to stop midway from posting it because we had to leave.)

1. My 22nd birthday is a week away. I thought that my 21st year of existence was rather calm, compared to when I turned 20 last 2013. I think I'm a bit ready for some new responsibilities.

2. Speaking of responsibilities, my father told me that I might get my driver's license next week, which is pretty cool! They did remind me that as long as I obey and accomplish the tasks given to me (picking up the younger siblings from school, drive mom to the salon, etc.), I can use the car for my own trips and dates. (Of course I have to pay for the gas...) 

3. Our big sister brought pizza last Wednesday when she picked up her work stuff. She's a medical representative, so she has to lug around a lot of things. 

4. She left two pairs of shoes for me, one pair for school and the other can be for church. (Flats and pumps. No, I will die before I wear pumps to school.) 

5. I received this lovely piece of art from one of my old college friends, Carmz. (I linked her portfolio!) It's been my yearly request to my artist friends that if they have some time on their hands, I would most definitely appreciate gift art from them. (I have an entire folder full of their handiwork and maybe one of these days, I'll come around and post some!) 

6. We met family friends last night. My little sister and I commented about our father's friendships and how we wish to have the same kind of friendship with our friends. (Yeah, how many times have we been screwed over by people whom we thought were our friends?) Papa and Tito Jojo's friendship goes waaay back in '03, I think. They worked at the same company and things took off from there. Tito Jojo and his family decided to migrate sometime in '08 or '09 and they just got back recently because his father passed away. Just seeing how happy they were last night, talking like no time and distance happened, made me think if I'll ever get to keep a friendship like that. 

7. And speaking of dinner last night, we ate at Karnitas Korner, and the food there is absolutely delightful! I ordered the resto's specialty, Porchetta (in Carbonara) and it was great. (Unfortunately, no mouthwatering photos of the meal.) The place was, as my little sister described, very artsy. I highly suggest this place when you're around Pasig.

Photos from my little sister's Twitter, @djamias
8. My best friend Nyanners' mom arrived here in the Ph from her work just this Tuesday. I remember texting him on Monday, telling him to enjoy his day with his mom, but he told me that she'll be arriving tomorrow (Tuesday). I've never met his mom, but he often told me that she's very supportive. (Hah. It just makes me happy, really. I know how much he missed his mom so hi there Dex have more fun with Tita while she here ohoho)
9. There is this strange anon sending me asks on my and I think they're really entertaining. They aren't violent or what, they probably find me really entertaining, too. 

10. My dad just brought home some blueberry cheesecake from The Purple Oven! (Currently gobbling a slice as I type.) And we're gonna watch The Avengers in a while as well. 

How did your week go? 


  1. Ok haha it didn't. Happy birthday a week early! And thank you for joining. :)

    Yay for getting your driver's license soon! I'm so old but I still don't know to drive LOL.