Monday, March 30, 2015

Things I learned from hanging out with guys

The whole story about the only girl hanging out with the boys because there's less drama is something I kinda disagree with. Believe it or not, guys have drama and issues, too. Of course, I'm not gonna go and break the bro-code by spilling their beans, especially in front of a wide audience.

To the girls reading this, yeah, you can hang out with your guy friends, but don't be too surprised if this list is inaccurate. Of course, this is my wolf pack, so some things may only apply to us. You can tell me the things you learned from hanging out with your best bros, especially if it's not on my list.

To the guys reading this, same goes for you. Don't expect a perfect list because not all guys are the same, yeah? (Go tell that to the girl who lumps the good guys with the bad. Just kidding.)

1. I know how NOT to be a douche to MY boyfriend.  I think this is the main reason why girlfriends give the narrow-eyed look at their boyfriends' female friends. YES, THE BEST FRIENDS KNOW WHAT YOU DID. One thing I can confirm is that guys are honest about their problems, especially those regarding their significant other. In fact, these guy friends of mine gladly and wholeheartedly share their struggles with me because they know I would understand-- understand their perspective, and I can also see in the perspective of a girl, and maybe give them pieces of advice. Having open, honest guy friends lets me read a bit more into their thoughts. Sometimes, it's their problem, but sometimes, it's the girl's problem. Believe it or not, it's not always the guys' fault... and when you see a girl post a status update on Facebook about her guy being so insensitive and uncaring, sometimes it's just her expecting too much. (Oh, wow, your boyfriend forgot to like your picture? Better update your status to show how uncaring he is, huh?) And because of that gleaned knowledge, I know how to be a better girl to / for such a good guy like my Vincent. 

2. I know how to budget for a cheeseburger. ...and other meals and stuff. I used to buy a lot of unnecessary shit when I walk home alone. I get sidetracked by shiny things (like a cat), and sometimes I fall in love with a thing so much that I just HAVE to have it, even when I don't need it, and sometimes I buy too much that I end up losing money for tomorrow. That changed when I started going home with Nyanners, since he'd drag me away the moment I start looking at shiny stuff. 

(Him: Do you even need it? / Me: But it's so cute so I-- / Him: Do you even need it? / Me: Well... ◑A◐ / Him: ಠ_ಠ / Me: Okay okay *puts the thing back in its place*)

Of course he's considerate enough when he knows that I'm looking for something I really need. So instead of spending my spare change for accessories, I started saving up my change and hey I can actually afford a cheeseburger.

And... we bought this really fluffy ribbon yesterday. 

3. Yes, they do get the butterflies. Rex has this lovely young lady for a girlfriend and few days ago, I saw her in her corporate attire and thought, "hey did Bayot see her yet? She's gorgeous!" And when I got to our lunch table, I saw him smiling like a love-struck idiot (there's no use denying it Rehx). Of course some guys can out rightly tell their girlfriends that they're beautiful, but some of them get consumed with butterflies caused by such a beautiful sight that it'll take them a moment or so to get the words out of their mouths. A day later, Rex showed me his selfies with his girlfriend and I was like 

4. When you eat, you gotta eat fast. One night I'll probably never forget is when I had dinner at Shakey's with my programmer brothers Jet and Jeriel. Of course I don't know squat about programming except for <html> and Linux doesn't get viruses. So two programmers and an artist walk into a restaurant... No, there is no joke. We all ordered pasta and I thought whoa, can I even finish all of this? I actually managed to finish all of it while my two programmer friends were conversing in code (and I hope I don't offend any other programmers who speak code fluently). Apparently, when you eat with guys, there's less chatter. I mean, there's still chatter, but lesser. That worked well with me because I got to savor the delicious pasta I had (which I can't remember anymore). 

The same thing happened when I ate pizza with my VCTV team. (VCTV was the name of our group in our Broadcasting class. I got to work with our skillful director-videographers Isaiah and Jason, and there was Nyanners, of course.) We were in the middle of filming for our children's show pitch when Jason had pizza brought up to his place. Let me just tell you that there's no arguing with guys who can wolf down three slices of pizza in three minutes.

Sometimes, you'll end up being too miffed to even say anything while you're having a meal. May as well enjoy the food, right? 

5. Period talk is NOT awkward. - Don't get offended when the first thing a guy asks you when you look so grumpy is "Are you on your period?". 

When guys ask you that question, consider it their cue on how they're gonna adjust to make you feel better. Contrary to the popular belief that guys are indifferent to girls' red days, they're actually thoughtful about it. I don't find it awkward when I have to excuse myself in the middle of a conversation because I have to flip a wrap. Perhaps you may even find them pulling your seat for you. Yes, they will be kinder, but that doesn't give us the right to push'em around, all right?

6. When they say it's their treat, it's their treat. You can insist that you're an independent young woman who doesn't need a man to pay for her, but COME ON. THIS IS YOUR FRIEND TREATING YOU TO A CHEESEBURGER. Say cool, and offer to treat them some other time as well. I don't think there's anything wrong with a guy treating his lady friend... The problem is with the people who think that there's something wrong with it. 

7. When the girlfriend's there, take a hike. - Seriously. You don't wanna be a third wheel, even if they insist that you stay. (I mean, it's cool if you guys are in a group, but just the three of you? Meh.) Leave them to their lovey-dovey time and he'll come talk about stuff when there's something worth talking about. 

8. They got your back. On days I feel absolutely pensive, the guys would gather around me and ask if I'm okay, or hungry, or bleeding. Needless to say that they're just willing to listen to you as well when you have something on your mind.

These are just a few things I learned from hanging out with za guys. This list isn't even complete jahaha! But nevertheless, what are the things you've learned from your guy friends? 

(All my .gifs are from Tumblr... and 4chan. I ship them.) 

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