Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas Presents + Divisoria Haul! (。・ω・。)

When I was younger, my family and I celebrated Christmas by going to our grandparents' house on Christmas Eve and having Noche Buena there. Those were the days when I was excited by all the presents I'd receive and not because of the birth of a King.

As I grew older, the presents got lesser, but the true meaning of Christmas became clearer and clearer. When Jesus was born, it was the start of a beautiful salvation story, not just for Israel, but for you and me and everyone else. (〃・ω・〃)

Surprise, surprise! I received lots of cute stuff from my friends, friends at church and family members and I thought, "Hey, it wouldn't be bad to blog about the stuff I received this Christmas, right?"

These are the presents I received on my 21st Christmas. ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

When Vincent handed me a paper bag with my pet name on it, and weighed it a bit with my hand, I gasped, and he knew that I knew what was inside. He said that he got me something pink, so I thought that it was dress or flowers, but he got me


I cried a little on the inside. I only dreamed of owning a pair of these lashes, but he picked this out especially for me. I don't know when I can use them, though, probably at a con, or maybe on a special day out.

Dear Lord Jesus, can I keep this man forever (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

My elder sister went to Hong Kong in early December and did her Christmas shopping there. She was probably inspired by Vincent's present, so she got me

My kawaii self struggled to comprehend everything because I received Dolly freaking Wink items and Dolly Wink items are LOVE. A cute purple case to store my Dolly Wink lashes when I use them. And the question is "when?"

Aside from the case, she also got me a mini lash curler and eyelash glue, so I won't be running out of lash glue any time soon.

She also gave me this donut, which happens to be lip balm! Shazam! (人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+

I don't know if this counts as a present, but I made these nylon tattoo chokers myself, one in black, and one in pink and purple, with a blue bead pendant on it. This nylon string is actually much thicker than the normal stretching string used for this type of choker, but it stretches just as good. 

My mom and I bought matching white quartz "healing" stones. Hers is a bead bracelet while mine is this stone pendant. I thought that it would pair well with the choker and I wasn't disappointed. 

This Los Angeles cap was from S, my little sister's special friend. My sister said that she finds me very amusing... So should I take that as a compliment or...? 

I also got a neko purse from her. 

And I received this hand-knitted bonnet hat from my friend Louie! I saw this on her Facebook and thought that it was cute, and she said that I could have it as a present, in exchange for liquid eyeliner. (´ε` )♡

I like it very much. It fits me just right and I feel like a cutesy magician girl. You can see more of her hand-knitted headgear here

(I fail at trying to show off clothing.) My shirt in this photo is also a present. It's from our parish's Worship Ministry Coordinator, Tita Jing. She told me that it was an experiment, maybe to see if the shirts would work? She said that the logo was also stretched into a rectangle. The logo has a 1x1 ratio. (That particular logo you can see here.) Nevertheless, I thought that it was a wonderful present, and I'll probably wear it on our next meeting. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

This cute handbag purse is from Tita Lani, one of our family friends at church. When she handed it to me, I was like, "Omg it's so pink!" (。♥‿♥。) 

So I guess I can say that this was a




Very pink Christmas. 

And I got a lot of chocolate, too! Three cheers for being a good kid at church! 

My father, little sister, Manay and I all went to Divisoria earlier this January to do some shopping. I particularly like shopping with my dad because everything I point at him looks good to him and he says that it'll look good on me, too. (´ ▽`).。o♡

My little sister and I bought "matching" plaid shirts at this shop called RIOT. Hers is a red and blue checkered pattern while mine was black and white. Pop said that it would look good with my new kicks (yay!). 

I also bought a new black beanie, because the golden one I often use is getting a little run over. (I bought that golden beanie years ago, when Vincent first became my significant other.) I bought it because my hair is at this awkward stage where it's not short anymore but also not that long yet.

Vincent and I plan on going to this year's cons and events as simple con goers, but I thought that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to go there in style. 


Hooray for a really colorful Christmas! I can't thank the good Father enough for blessing me with good friends and a great family. I hope that your Christmas was just as colorful as mine! 

'til the next shopping spree!

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