Saturday, January 24, 2015

☆ 2015 Wishlist ☆

Because I only have two or three more years left before I start buying things for myself. With my own money. From my own job. 

This is my 2015 wishlist, inspired by Mero-chan's update. I'm quite happy to say that my list is getting shorter. Nevertheless, the items are no less cuter than the ones on my previous lists.

1.) Jansport Superbreak Hairball backpack

I asked my parents if I could have this as a birthday present.

My birthday is still five months away.

Oh well I tried. (They did say that they'll check, so... Fingers crossed!)

2.) Sailor Moon Sweater

I once saw this sweater in a convention, and I had second thoughts on buying it. I knew I should've bought it when I had the chance. Lesson learned: In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.

3.) Pink Twintails Wig

Or a Karuta Roromiya wig. I never really watched Inu X Boku SS. I just thought that this wig is totes cute.

4.) Mirai Kuriyama Wig

Same as above, though I did come close to watching Kyoukai no Kanata. I want this wig because of a really strange reason: Mirai is the only anime character my cousin TJ Bear associates me with. (He constantly tags me on Mirai posts on his Tumblr. Yeah, I miss having him around.)

See? Pretty short, isn't it? I think it's because I'm leaving more space to notice the other blessings I'll receive this year.

A bonus item! (I say bonus because I'm not really, well... expecting it.)

5.) Tiger Head Backpack

Harajuku girl 4ever.

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