Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hello, good morning. Take it easy!~ ☆

Today's the first day of Ozine and... (πーπ)

Here's a partially complete Super Sonico trial. I've been in love with her for so long that I keep on pining for the perfect cosplay but I'm nowhere near completion. (And doubting that I ever will.) But anyhows, here's a compilation of trials that started mid-year. I thought that I was slowly progressing. (´ω`★)

I think the more appropriate term for this is faceplay but whatever. 

Perhaps my most latest achievement with this character is her necklace, which I made from scratch using polymer clay and paint. My dear Vincent is still in the process of making her headset, so I think I'm getting there (?) 

Nyanners wrote that he watched Super Sonico "for the plot", but we all know what that means, right? As for me, I happened to have this fixation on her because... 

And if I manage to complete my cosplay next year, my first appearance as her will be on Nyanners' super-duper-top-secret-still-unknown-plan-event-thing! 

But srsly... Who wouldn't want to cosplay this cutie? I am obsessed with her! 

I'll see you in Nyanners' next event tehe! 

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