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2014 Manga List

On the day I discovered the many wonderful things that the Internet had to offer, aside from anime, I also chanced upon manga. Manga is pretty much the black and white of what happens in anime, though that's not always the case. This year, I've recalled most of the manga I've read and what I'm still reading as of now. 

Most of the time, I read one-shot mangas, mainly because I hate cliffhangers, but behold! Most of the manga on my list are still in progress, two of them coming up with an anime adaptation, yay! So without further ado, here's my 2014 manga list, and I'm hoping for more updates from all of them huhu(πーπ)
Just a warning, though: Prepare for utterly fluffy shoujo. 
Don't say I didn't warn you! ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ

  • Hiyokoi (Yukimaru Moe) - Hiyori Nishiyama is140 centimeters in height and is extremely shy. After a year of not going to school because of some accident, she finally comes back as a freshman. There, she meets Yuushin Hirose, a 190-centimeter guy who is the exact opposite of Hiyori. As the story progresses, you'll see how Hiyori changes as she becomes closer and closer to Yuushin. 
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Chapters (This is the number of translated chapters): 44
    • Some personal thoughts: (I... actually ship Hiyori with Kou but what the heck.)
  • Kigurumi Boueitai (Hoshino Lily) - 14 year-old Hakka Sasakura was an ordinary girl until her encounter with the strange mascot-like figure named Ginger. Along with her school's number one beauty, Nobara and her Kigurumi Basilico, and the seemingly-mature Satsuki and his Kigurumi Fennel, they were chosen as the guardians of their world from the parallel world organization, the Puppet Guild. But the Kigurumis are not exactly what the people think they seem to be... after a kiss?! And the school's student council president is definitely up to something... 
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Chapters: 9
    • Some personal thoughts: I don't know if this is strange, but I've always likes stories with the leads having a little age gap. (I thought right when I saw Hakka and Ginger... uh... kiss. In one of the latest chapters, he revealed that he's 24 years old, but who knows if he's telling the truth, yeah? That's opposite of Hakka, who's 14 years old. So... hooray for the 10-year age gap? I'm gross, I know.)
  • Koe no Katachi (Oima Yoshitoki) - Shouko Nishimiya was born with impaired hearing. After transferring to a new school to build a new life, she encountered the popular, mischievous Shouya Ishida, who spent most of his time teasing and bullying Shouko, to the point that she had to move away. He became the victim of his own bullying after they found out that Shouko left their school. After years of no plans for himself, he locates Shouko to amend his mistakes. This manga series is completed! And an anime adaptation is in the works! 
    • Originally a one-shot
    • Status: Complete
    • Number of Chapters: 52
    • Some personal thoughts: ...I have no words for this manga. It's just so beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking and frustrating. Shouko is someone you'll feel for, simply because she was born with something she didn't want. The manga also tackles other things, like friendship, family, a mother's love and a the capacity of a person to love and accept.
  • 3D Kanojo (Nanami Mao) - Hikari Tsutsui is an otaku. He reads manga, watches anime and collects figures of his favorite anime Ezomichi. He was used to a life of being ostracized, along with his cat-ears-wearing friend Itou. His strange encounter with the lovely and popular Iroha Igarashi has turned his peaceful life into a mess of a love story. 
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Chapters: 14
    • Some personal thoughts: I like this story a lot. Why is that? Because Tsutsun (Iroha's pet name for Hikari) reminds me so much of my Vincent when we first got together, with me as a sparkly sparkly lady... but now, he's so cool and such an ikemen that our roles gradually reversed (?!).
  • Half & Half (Seo Kouji) - A nose-dive meeting. Shinichi Nakagawa had just started going to college when he crashed into Yuuki Sanada and both died on the spot. After being told by Kami-sama that they both have only seven days to live, and that one of them must die, Shinichi and Yuuki must come to an agreement. They bunker up at Shinichi's apartment, sharing not only a single life, but each other's thoughts and feelings. 
    • Originally a one-shot. 
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Chapters: 10
    • Some personal thoughts: I personally like the one-shot version more. The expansion of the manga does give us a more in-depth understanding of the characters, and the expansion of the story leaves much room for it to change direction. I like the Yuuki in the one-shot, she's much more docile. I first read this when I was in high school, and the one-shot inspired me to come up with a story (which I mentioned here.) I only came around to start writing this time, after so many years.
  • Momoiro Meloik (Fukuda Shinichi) - (Oh, I think now's the best time to call the party van.) I have... no other way to describe this manga, so I'mma copy this original summary (from MangaHere): Yamato loves his little sister. His sister is the cutest and sweetest girl in the world, and he won't settle for second best. Unfortunately, everyday life and the rest of the world intrude on his idyllic plans, and he finds it's not as simple as he imagines it should be. Follow along with tough Yamato and cute Masaki as they deal with the problems of an otherwise normal family life.
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Chapters: 10
    • Some personal thoughts: Someone put me in jail. Please. No, just kidding. I'd probably be all siscon too if I had a little sister as cute as Masaki. (Yes, you can jail me now.) And a lot of speculation has been going on that she and Yamato aren't exactly blood siblings, but we can't be so sure about that. (I know, I know, I'm sick.)
  • Shaman King: Flowers (Takei Hiroyuki) - The sequel to the first Shaman King series, Flowers takes place 13 years after the first series, and focuses on Hana, Yoh and Anna's son. Hana's actually no different from his father, except that he's more violent. He's hotheaded, lazy, and he unwillingly accepts Anna III as his fiancee. 
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Chapters: 29
    • Some personal thoughts: I know what you're thinking. Why is she reading Shaman King, right? I watched the anime when I was in high school and I was extremely intrigued by Yoh and Anna's relationship. I kinda thought that the same thing would happen in the sequel. (Though I really, really think that nothing can beat Yoh and Anna's story. Except Tao Ren and Iron Maiden Jeanne's story.)
  • Sakuranbo Syndrome (Kitazaki Taku) - A girl who ages backwards and a misogynistic salaryman. A kiss everyday to reverse her aging process. Rena Amami woke up one morning looking like what she despised the most: her younger self. After desperately looking up cures for her disease, she encounters Munenori Agawa, her "prince". It turns out that his kiss can really break her "spell", but theirs is a strange relationship that even Munenori's girlfriend Sayaka Asou can't stomach...
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Chapters: 64
    • Some personal thoughts: I know I've jokingly said a lot of times that I've stopped aging when I turned 16. If you're having trouble picturing this manga, try thinking of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, because it's kind of like that. 
  • Ore Monogatari! (Kawahara Kazune) - The gentle giant Takeo Gouda has a face that can scare people away. His best friend is the stoic Makoto Sunagawa, and every girl that he liked fell in love with him instead. Takeo has given up all hope in finding a girl just for him, so when he saved the unknowing Rinko Yamato from a chikan, he didn't expect her to... fall for him?! It looks like his love story is finally looking up. 
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Chapters: 10
    • Some personal thoughts: This is a must-read. Another lesson about not judging the book by its cover. I found myself falling in love with Takeo as I read on, and, let's face it, I have a thing for strange guys. 

Personal realizations: Bullying in Japan is harsh. How far some people would go to ostracize someone really makes you wonder what drives them to do those things. As someone who went through "ostracization"... You really give those people the power over you once you let them do what they want, and that's something I regret. But then again, I'll consider that a lesson. (This is relevant. A bit.) Now that the tables have turned, I bully my classmates and push them around. (I kid, of course. I'm older than they are, so if I hurt them, I'll consider myself jailed.) 

Yay some bonus content! One thing I have to admit when choosing a manga to read is that I choose them... by accident. Most of the manga on the list were all stumbled upon by chance, except for Shaman King: Flowers and Ore Monogatari!! (Both were conscious choices and I meant to read them after hearing about them.) The last two on my list aren't exactly manga, but webtoons. Most webtoons are made by Korean artists, and these are my favorites. 

  • Holy Alice (Ha-yel + Chocodevil) - From Tapastic: Facing 'Death' for the one I love is something I would do without hesitation, but this isn't right. I didn't live until today only to die for the one I love. I longed to look into your blue eyes, but you only looked down on me and turned away. I was chosen that very day to be the 'Alice' who would breathe her last breath to save your love, 'Heart'.
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Episodes: 38
    • Some personal thoughts: No words. This series is downright gorgeous, from the story to the art. The universe of the story has me really drawn to it. Though I personally think that the story run is a bit slow... Nevertheless, the author and the artist takes their time to tell the story beautifully.
  • For The Sake of Sita (Haga) - From Line Webtoons: A medical student passionately falls in love with a fallen goddess during his volunteer abroad in Nepal, and he desperately tries to fight off destiny to save his love.
    • Status: In Progress
    • Current Number of Episodes: 4
    • Some personal thoughts: What can I say? The art is gorgeous as well. The story is set in Nepal and has their culture imbued in it. Story-wise, I don't have much to say, since it's only just begun, but it's compelling enough to leave me waiting for the next update. 
And so this ends my 2014 manga list! If you have a manga you wanna suggest, leave me a line and I'll check it out. If you think there's a manga worth talking about, tell me about it! There's so much more to read, from romance to action to josei and seinen, so this definitely won't be my last list. (And for those who are wondering where my H-list is... Well... that's a story for another blog post. *wink wink*)

Happy Holidays! Happy reading! 

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