Monday, November 10, 2014

Stop picking me up.

No, I'm not a feminist. I accept the fact that there are things that only guys can do. I'm a shorty, so not a lot of legwork is expected from me. One thing that does raise my feminist consciousness is rape culture. You know, blaming the victim because she was drunk, she was wearing this and that, because she was "asking for it"-- I mean, seriously. Rape is rampant here in the Philippines. Girls, women from all walks of life are and can be victims. Mothers, school girls, girls minding their own business-- Even an 11-month child! 

(And the most recent rape report that shocked the entire country so much that the government even released a warrant and bounty for the culprits was the Makati girl gang rape case. This van followed "Maricel" and pulled her in, took advantage of her and left her for dead miles away from her home. Outrageous.)

I come from a conservative family. My parents taught me to dress up modestly and dignified. It doesn't matter what I wear, though. I walk on the streets everyday and not a day passes that I don't get looked at like I'm a walking piece of meat. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. For rapists, it doesn't matter what a girl wears because they're always "asking for it". 

But they're not. 

Everyday, I'm always in a hurry to get home because of this. It's so sad because such culprits think that women are so beneath them, like we're objects made to satisfy carnal desires. Like what I said, pants or shorts, it doesn't matter 'cause you'll always be given sleazy looks. 

Girls and ladies appreciate being called beautiful, especially by people whom they know so well... but to be told that they're beautiful, accompanied with a sleazy look coming from a complete and total stranger is enough to rile them up. Oh, and just because you held the door open for her or carried her stuff for her doesn't mean that you're entitled to touch her. Just because you did something for her doesn't mean that she owes you her body. I mean, why'd you even bother to help her? Yes, ladies are flattered when men want to give them a helping hand, but if you're gonna help her just because you're expecting something in return, I'm sure that they can carry their books on their own. What the frack, man? 

Sadly, justice here doesn't work as well as the other countries. Girls from different parts of the country experience sexual assault and shamefully, most of the time, these assailants walk out of police stations clean, free to do as they wish once again. Sometimes I really don't know what the problem is: men objectifying women, or the government's unbelievably slow respond to this ever-growing dilemma. 

Oh, wait. There's this thing called respect and I think it goes well with everything, don't you agree? The problem is: No, there are some people who don't even know how to give respect, let alone know what respect is. 

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