Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dear Young(er) Tony

I happened to read Ms. Helga's recent blog post and was inspired to write a letter to a girl who was once me. 

Someone once told me that I had a funny way of talking about the past. I wasn't particularly fond of my high school years and often dreaded looking back at them. Perhaps the only things I ever enjoyed in high school was the company of good friends and the innocence of my stories... but I also liked how I almost had all the time in the world to work on my stories, draw, read books and how the Internet didn't rule my life.

Life is good to me today and I sure as hell learned a lot, and it's not just the kind of learning you do at school. We all have our fair share of wrong turns and bad decisions, and if you look at them now, they were either blessings or lessons. If I could just find a Delorean, hop in on it and maybe find my 13 year-old self writing on her / my bed, I can remind her of things that are to come... But of course I can't do that, and if I knew back then all that I know right now, things would probably never be the same, and things wouldn't be as it is right now.

So like Ms. Helga, this also goes out to all the young ladies who think are losing their way to young adulthood and might need a little push back on track.


One thing I'd most definitely tell my younger self is to never stop writing and drawing, no matter how crappy her stories and artworks turn out to be. I eventually got better, but as the stories and the art got better, the writing and the drawing became less frequent. Someone did say that you're committing emotional suicide when you stop making art... so go on and pick up that pen, get a sheet of paper and work. Just pour out all the breathings of your heart.


And just because someone says the way you smile brightens their day, or you smell like Oreos whenever you walk by doesn't mean that you have to like them back. And yes, just because he's tall, green-eyed and dreamy, it doesn't make him a prince. When a guy crushing on you is trying to make you like him back, he will be kind on your first dates, but when things go awry because you thought you two had something going on, he'll instantly switch from dream boy to douche bag. He backs out on a lot of things and may even disappear from the face of the earth. He's not afraid of you, he's just afraid of commitment. My point is simple: Don't hang around a guy who only keeps you around just because he thinks you're cute and fun to be with. He's not after a relationship, he's only after someone who can entertain him.


I've struggled with being a total dweeb when I was in high school and I'm honestly elated that I don't have to go through that struggle anymore. I can't believe how many years of high school I wasted on being boxed up because I didn't fit in scene, and I don't want another girl trying to box herself because of the notion that she doesn't fit in. What's even worse is that she's trying to change who she is. The only reason why you're struggling with doing what you love is because you're thinking of what other people are thinking. I say screw that and do what you love, speak out what's on your mind, and don't take crap from anyone just because they think you're weird. The only reason why they think that you're weird is because you don't think like them.

What would you like to tell to your younger self?

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