Friday, October 10, 2014

Tony at Cosplay Mania 2014 + Con Haul! 。◕‿◕。

The convention scene in the Philippines is very colorful and entertaining. From cosplays that range from wicked sick to they-probably-could've-done-better, Cosmania was a guaranteed shell-shocking event! 

Vincent and I arrived at the SMX Convention Center at around 1:00 in the afternoon, probably earlier. I was thrilled, seeing the cosplayers in line with us at the entrance. We saw some very finely-made costumes and props, and some were... kinda off... but who were we to rain on their parade, yeah? We decided to enjoy the entire event as well. 

I've heard murmurs in the crowd, the whole "body size matters" issue. I felt a little insulted, though. We all know that anime characters will always exceed expectations. Anime girls are either extremely petite and cute or extremely tall and powerful. I was told once that I shouldn't cosplay tall girls because I would look weird. My spirits were dampened for quite a while, but yesterday, there were cosplayers there who were twice my size. In fact, they came in all shapes and sizes, but they rocked their costumes! I'm not gonna be a party pooper and wet blanket and judge them because of their body sizes. 

Bruh, you can cosplay whoever the crap you want. Body size does not matter. What's important is that you have fun, and you stay true to the character. I guess what I'm saying is: Be accurate with the costume! (For the very first time, I found a Super Sonico cosplayer in a convention, but guess what? She had no headphones. I was peeved, but I guess that's cosplay.) 

All right, that's enough drama! I'm not gonna take up too much of your time with my sentiments. Have some photos!

I forgot why we were rushing, but we ended up getting lost on our way to the convention proper. 

And the first person I met on that day was...

And I found a real gem today! She's real! Now let us strike at the heart of the Dire! (Oh, wait a sec, aren't I a daughter of the Dire?)


Sad to say that I wasn't familiar with most of the cosplays I saw at the convention. Ah, time really has her way of making things change. A lot of new anime come out almost every month, so I'm not surprised that I'm not familiar with a lot. 

People often ask me what I do at conventions. I usually answer sightseeing, which is true, because there are a lot of things to see! And which is why I always advise them to bring a lot of money because they'll never know what'll catch their eye. I decided to take some more pictures while we were roaming around the place. 

(Yeah, I know, you're so boring, Tony. You just defeated the entire purpose of going to a cosplay convention. You're supposed to look at the cosplay. Well, sorry for not being able to recognize any of the cosplays.)

Actually, there are people who go to conventions for other reasons. Like Vincent, who bought us silver tickets so we he can get free Magic: The Gathering decks.

And, you know...

Yes, this is a Japanophile's heaven. 

This is me with a few of my favorite people. 

And while I'm at it, I want to share my haul with you guys. (。´∀`)ノ

The first thing I got was this pair of eyeball bat bow clips from ToxicKittyThey're made out of synthetic leather shaped like little bats. Mero-chan had these reserved for me on Cosmania Day 1 because Nyanners and I were busy with our Theology documentary. They're uber-cute and finely-made and I thought that they were perfect for Halloween!

Second on my list is this cat purse which I bought from Gyarushoppe. They sold a lot of totemo kawaii stuff that came all the way from Tokyo! Apparently, the cat purses are one of their best sellers, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on this cutie. Five stars for them for bringing Harajuku to the Philippines!

Vincent and I got matching Hodge Podge key chains again. I got my first one last Toy Con, and the boyfriend lost his because of reasons I don't know. (He did say that his brother lost it, but...) щ(ºДºщ)

And last are these cute button pins of my waifus I bought from Team Onii-chan. (If I remember correctly...) I've been hunting high and low for Super Sonico items and I thought that a button pin was good because I can stick it anywhere and look at her face whenever I want to. 

Vincent and I are aiming to attend the Christmas Toy Fair and Ozine Fest this coming December (?). He has a big business plan in the making and it involves A LOT OF kawaiiness, so of course I'm taking part of it. Everything's still under the wraps, but once things get solid and planned out, I will definitely blog about it.

And guess what? Semestral break is just around the corner! It's time to kick finals in the balls and win! See you again after finals!

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