Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Boxshaker Shop Gundam Boxes [Review]

Hello, everyone! It's my very first time to do a review of a product. I'll be reviewing something from my dear friends Nyanners and Mero-chan

My couple-friends run an online shop together where they sell handcrafted charms, hair clips and other kawaii goodies. I couldn't get my hands on the bottle charm I wanted so I crie ( ; A ; )

Their signature, namesake and (best)selling product is what I'll be reviewing today! 

These Gundam boxes!

I had these commissioned for my boyfriend and his twin brother's birthday! At first I doubted that their craftsman, which Nyanners and Mero-chan lovingly call "Boxman", would be able to pull off these designs. 

I messaged Mero-chan the designs I wanted. I based them off Gundam Seed Destiny's two main mechas, the Saviour and Strike Freedom Gundams. (Gundam Seed / Destiny is the only Gundam series I've ever watched.) (Of course my boyfriend corrected me, claiming that they have these designs as actual Gundams so...)

They were ordered roughly about a month before my boyfriend and his twin brother's birthday and got them about three more weeks before the birthday. (Yes, I waited 'til their birthday was over before blogging about this!) Mero-chan gave me frequent progress updates and did tell me that it was Boxman's very first attempt at making Gundam boxes! Not bad! When they posted these on their Facebook page, they were quite popular.

Nyanners explained that Boxman has a certain quota to accomplish before they accept any more orders. He says that Boxman crafts around 15 (!) boxes every 15 days! (So that's like, one box a day?)

Anyhows, when I first got these cuties, I literally squee-d and contemplated if I should give them to my boyfriend and his twin brother because I could just keep them forever. 

The red one, Saviour, is what I gave my boyfriend. (I remember asking him, "which do you like more, red or white?" and he answered red since he thought that I was gonna get him a shirt.) He got the one with more prominent wings. 

And the white one, Strike Freedom, is what I gave his twin brother / onii-chan!

Boxman seems very particular with details. From the looks of these, they seemed complicated to make. The details were very intricate and I could tell that a lot of dedication was put into make these cuties. Both boxes are two-tiered and can contain little things, like accessories, flash drives, pins. This size is good for keeping on your bedside table, on your study desk, or a shelf. 

Other sizes and designs can be found here

  • Lightweight
  • Very cute
  • Container functions well
  • Can store a number of items, depending on the container size
A few possible drawbacks of these amazing containers:
  • If it gets wet, oh no...  
  • Color fading (since it's paper. I suggest keeping it away from sunlight)
  • Wear and tear from usage
Since most of the cons are external causes, if you're very careful, your kawaii box containers will last for a very long time! 

Over-all rating: 

Visit their Facebook page! > TheBoxShakerPh

Happy shopping! 'Til my next review! 

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