Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wig Collection ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

One frequently asked question is where I get all of my lovely wigs. I started buying and collecting wigs on my last year of my first college course. My boyfriend and I bought a lovely bubblegum pink bob cut wig, which then led to the start of my little collection. Though not actually big and wide, I'm actually very proud that I managed to amass such a collection. Each wig has a different origin and I'm gonna tell you their stories.

I got my very first wig when I was 18 or 19. I got it from a little hobby store in Farmers Plaza, Cubao. This bubblegum pink wig is what started my collection, and my addiction to pink things. I wore this wig on my very first Toy Con, which is why it has sentimental value to me. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them!)

The second one I got was my plain black wig. (Sadly, it isn't with me anymore...) It was a Class A wig that Manay bought for me from Divisoria.

Not long after, Manay bought me another Class A wig from Divisoria. Though I asked her to buy a blonde one, she got this brown one as an alternative. She said that I would love it since it looked natural. I consider this as one of my favorites because it goes with anything I wear, though I usually use it for badass styles.

The next three wigs all came on the same year, at different times. My dearest boyfriend bought this light pink wig for my 20th birthday. He bought it from Serendipity Btq. It was originally curly, then I had this crazy idea and ironed it down. I also consider this as one of my favorites since... Well, I love pink!

Not long after receiving my birthday present, another parcel was delivered at home, which contained my Aisaka Taiga wig and brown Cocktail lenses. (Yes, my boyfriend was that determined to get out of my room and into the convention scene.) Again, he got this set from Serendipity Btq! (He loves the accommodating service of that shop.) I just got it back from Mero-chan. She borrowed it because she was gonna be in costume for her school fair. Check out her little trial on her blog!

Fast forward to Christmas time. My boyfriend once again gifted me with another wig, this time a Hatsune Miku wig, which I debuted with last ToyCon. I absolutely love it to bits, though it's a bit hard to maintain because of its length. This one he got from Vogue Royal Cosplay.

On Januaries, our family has this annual Divisoria shopping spree. We use up our Christmas money to buy clothes and shoes for ourselves. This year, I managed not to spend all of my money on nonsense things, except for a pair of bob cut wigs which I got for P300.00.

Vince scolds me non-stop every time I point at a Class A wig. He tells me, "Why spend money on Class A wigs when we can buy high-quality ones?" It's because they're cheaper tehe~ And with the right maintenance, Class A wigs can go a long way, like my recent addition to my collection. I got this one fairly recent from Divisoria again. I actually wanted something that looks like Berry-senpai's wig in this picture, but it's kinda close, I guess. My boyfriend says that this wig oughta suit a Lolita outfit, or a maid costume. I wore this at Nyanners' event, Nyan Cos Reloaded, and one of the featured photographers there asked if he could take some photos of me. I consider this another favorite because it looks really natural on me. (I don't have to color my brows yay!)

So this ends my list of my wigs! If ever there's a new addition to my collection, expect a blog post about it! Stay K-K-Kawaii!

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