Thursday, July 24, 2014

No Internet Situation

My boyfriend has this thing at work which he calls a "No Job Situation", which means he and his team have nothing to work on, and they are forced to stay in their stations until work is given to them. And if I remember correctly, their "No Job Situation" also means that they have no internet connection, therefore they can't get anything done.

As for me here at home, it's been a week since we declared a "No Internet Situation". From what our parents have told us, our telephone and network provider's been hit really hard (by the storm) and it may take them a while to get the system back running. My sister and I would find that reason perfectly acceptable if, you know, we're not the only house without internet connection.

Ah, the beauty of internet. Just years ago, I was able to live perfectly without you. Why must there be this kind of reliance on you, such a need, a dependence...

It's strangely heartbreaking that internet connection is also considered a basic need like food, shelter and clothing.

Ah, well... I'm rambling again. Since last week was the start of our NIS, allow me to share what I've been up to during those days.

Reading used to be the center of my world. Then the internet came.

Two and a half days of no power. Not only did we have to save up water, we also had to save up battery...

On the second day, I started making confetti for...

And I ACTUALLY DREW SOMETHING! Now THIS is something I can actually call IMPROVEMENT. On the left is something I drew six years ago, and on the right is the same girl, drawn a bit better, I guess. (Though not as good as my boyfriend tehe) She is my very first original character from my very first story, so drawing her again was kinda nostalgic. Her name is Aimee Moore and...

This is my table.

Alas, relief! My mom turned on her phone hotspot and I managed to see my schedule of service for the month of August. Yes, I will be at church on these days and times.

And this is our Wacky Boy, showing off his fab nails.

Aside from our ~*~pitiful~*~ NIS, lemme share some photos from our Holy Heroes Seminar. The Holy Heroes Seminar was a two consecutive Saturdays-seminar that was held at our chapel as a prerequisite for the Commissioning. Father Joel said that though it's a program that focuses on the Year of the Laity, it'll be an ongoing yearly thing and he will not stop until all the church workers have attended. As for me, I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it.

And at school... Welp. Just me and Nyanners fooling around.

#nofilter #datderp

(Remind me not to hand him my iPod.)

So! That was quite an adventure, hm? Oh, where did I get my internet connection? Am I out of the NIS?

Well, actually...

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