Monday, June 23, 2014

Tony at the 13th Toy Con Ph + Con Haul! 。◕‿◕。

Toycon was a blast! Toy collectors, toy enthusiasts and anime lovers from the different parts of the Philippines gathered on these three special days to celebrate toys and anime and, well, youth culture. 

I was really glad that my dearest and I arrived early (around 12 noon) because the queue for tickets was still short and quick. We got our tickets almost instantly! A lot of people asked to have pictures with me, which made me really, really happy! (*^▽^*) (Too bad I'll never be able to see those pictures! ; A ; ) Ah, well, I really don't wanna take up too much time explaining and typing stuff. Have some pictures instead!

One of the main reasons why I went to Toycon was to see Nyanners in his Nyan Cat form. I see his normal visage almost everyday it's almost sickening! (Hehe, I'm just kidding, Nyanners!) How Nyanners and I met is an entirely different story, though. Here's my obligatory photo with him!

And I promised to have a photo taken with Mero-chan, so we had one! (。・ω・。) (Ah, but that light totally killed it, though! ; A ; )

Stormtrooper! (Or as what my little brother calls them: Darth Vader's minions! *chills*)

Oh, look! An anime I actually know! (And a really adorable tandem cosplay!) It's a bit surprising how a '90s anime made an appearance at the con. Loads of new animes are aired almost simultaneously, which explains my dearest and I's perplexion and frustration at being unable to identify them. But Fushigi Yuugi is a classic. I loved it. ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

(On a side note, I'm actually surprised at the lack of Super Sonico cosplay(ers). With it being a recent anime, and Sonico being a really popular character, you could say I was a bit disappointed. But then again, the Philippine cosplay community is quite conservative, and with Sonico being a sexy character, that pretty much explains the lack of cosplayers.)

I saw the lovely owner of Serendipity Btq, Ate Enna. I follow her on Facebook and I absolutely enjoy looking at her cosplay trials and ever-changing hair color. 

My guardians actually recognized me! PJ and Shingo were two of my "guardians" from my very own "mafia family" when we were in high school (Think KHR~). They were my mist and rain guardians respectively. I was so glad to see them (and the look on their faces when they found out that I was a sophomore like them. Priceless!). 

(Unpopular opinion: I actually dislike Anna from Frozen...) But who would dislike this adorable tiny Anna?! It's almost impossible not to notice her!

And an obligatory photo of me and my babipie. 

We didn't get to take a lot of photos of the event itself... So why not have a look at my ToyCon Haul instead?~ 

My boyfriend spotted this choker at Nyanners' stall and thought that it looked good with my costume. I absolutely love it but I still wish that the jewel was red. 

AND WE FOUND A MINI-ALPACA! She's so tiny and cute I just had to tote her around like a fashion accessory. She is Mimi's little sister, Lulu!

My dearest and I bought paired bottle cap key chains from Hodge Podge! Aside from charms, they were also selling other cute cartoon-themed items! Check out their FB page to see more of their stuff!

I bought a pair of lenses as well! These are Tiffany Cocktail Lenses Pink Paradise. They have a diameter of 16 mm and a 19 mm effect when worn. They also came with a free lenses case. I will upload photos of me wearing them soon!

And the last item on my goody bag is a floral demon horns headband. I saw the lovely owner of Serendipity Btq donning the gear and I happened to pass by the store selling it-- and the one I bought was the last pair! I will take pictures of me wearing the said headgear sometime soon!

Here's what the boyfriend bought. 

This is pretty lame of me and all, but because of my excitement at seeing Nyanners and Mero-chan, I forgot to buy their shop's signature item, their handy-dandy character paper boxes! I asked Nyanners to save one for me and this is what I received!

My dearest was supposed to buy some Gundams, but we weren't able to look around that much anymore because of so many people-- But that's what makes the convention scene at the Philippines great! 

I'm looking forward to the next Toy Con, the Christmas Toy Fair, same place! I'll probably be off-costume by that time. It took me two hours to comb out my poor, poor Miku wig! (´Д` ) Ah, well... Hopefully by that time, it won't be just me and Vincent, but the rest of our troop will be with us! Of course I'll still be hunting for Nyanners, haha! 

For the meantime, I'll be busy with church stuff! ...And hunting for my unflattering photos taken last Saturday. 

'Til the next con! 

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