Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Check 1, 2! Hatsune Miku World is Mine Version Cosplay

Apparently, I'm having a really hard time focusing at school as ToyCon Ph approaches. I started the week fairly nice, but Nyanners and I have been losing focus as the week passes by. To keep myself preoccupied at school, I resorted to doodling and writing story snippets. (Nyanners has it really bad, though. That guy has no pens or notebooks at all. Tehe.) 

I had a little shoot a week ago, before my family and I left for La Union and BC. The lighting was less than desirable, so I had to make do with a hang light. I guess I can consider this a trial of sorts. I'll be going to ToyCon as... 

Wig: Vogue Royal Cosplay
(I don't know the brand of the lenses I'm wearing! Very sorry!)

Did-you-know: I received most of my wigs from my boyfriend, who possibly enjoys seeing me dress up.

And while I'm at it, allow me to do some plugging. If you're going to ToyCon, drop by Nyanners' and his girl Mero-chan's shops, The Boxshaker Shop Ph and Perkee! They have totes cute items on sale! (I plan on getting myself a bottle charm to add to my cosplay~)

Ahh I'll probably blog about school when I get over my ToyCon fever! See you on Saturday! 

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