Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tony at NyanCosReloaded!

Last Saturday was probably one of the best Saturdays I've ever had. It was a day well-spent, and for a good cause, too!

As I mentioned before, my dear friend Nyanners organized a fund-raising cosplay event, NyanCosReloaded! Proceeds of the said event will go to school supplies for the incoming first grade students of the school where the event was held, Isaias S. Tapales Elementary School.

See? Who says you can't have a good time without a good cause?

Here's the Nyan doing his thing.

The venue was spacious enough to accommodate the guests, cosplayers and concessionaires. There was music, photographers snapping pictures at their photobooth, there was a cute dance performance by the trio Love Tierra, and there were also some sponsor stalls, where I bought some really cute items from.

Now where did all my money go? (Tehe~)

ToyNetwork, a shop that sells authentic Japanese toys at affordable prices. I bought my little brother some water Pokémon figures, which he enjoyed taking a bath with later that evening. And to compensate for him being late, the boyfriend bought me a cute Mew plushie, which has found a nice place on my bed.

My boyfriend won at the Gundam auction. He got a green Zaku at a reasonably low price. (P450.00! That's around $10.00, I think!) Aside from that, they also auctioned away a mint-condition authentic Randoseru, which I literally cried over because its starting price was at P900.00 (which is probably around $20 to 22.00), and you don't get Randoserus that cheap, really. (My source is eBay, so I can't be too sure. The boyfriend and I are gonna check if we can still get it. Tehe~)

ToyNetwork has a shop in the Antipolo Bayan (Market), near the Cathedral.

Perkee, like ToyNetwork, is an affiliate of Antipolo Cosplayers. They sell cute plush headgear, caps, and coin purses. They also sponsored some of the prizes for the games and raffles. The prize I won at the raffle (Yes, I won a raffle! Yay!) was a cute orange dango keychain.

Perkee will have a booth at the 13th ToyCon on June 20-22.

Carla's Clay Creations showed off some of the cutest and sweetest items! They sold personalized items such a key chains, bracelets and the likes. I bought three pairs of earrings from them, one for me and one for each of my sisters. I liked how they let their customers create their own personalized items. 

Here are some highlights of the day that I managed to snap!

Female cosplayers cheering on Superman during his stage ramp performance. He won the Cosplayer's Choice Award, as well as the Best Male Cosplayer Award. 

Here's Roxy Babe, one of the Love Tierra trio, Nyanners and I. I have videos of Love Tierra's performances, but they're so low quality.

Of course, would I leave the event without taking a picture with the guy who's responsible for the whole thing?!

Awarding of the featured cosplay photographers. One of them, Sir Japs Antido, kindly asked me if I could pose for a few photos. At cons, I'm very rarely asked to pose for photos so I was absolutely thrilled to do so!

(Ahh, I'm still waiting for my photos because they looked so good in his cam!) They were awarded these really cute Nyan Cat trophies (unfortunately, I didn't get to take a picture of the said trophies. Other pictures of the event are uploaded on the NyanCosReloaded album!). 

And of course, obligatory facespam shots of me and my dear adventure partner. 

Despite the event having a few shortcomings, I can say that I had a really good time yesterday, not bad for Nyanners' second event, and I'm very much looking forward to his next event! (He's hinting at a mall venue, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them, too!) 

I have more blog posts to come! Stay tuned! 

See you at the next con!

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