Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Super Sonico Trial

A few episodes into the anime and I'm already so taken by Sonico! Since I rarely post cosplay trials in fear of being picked on because of this and that, I decided to do something brave and post my best shots! Take note that this is only a trial and I wouldn't consider it complete since I don't have her signature headphones, and some minor things, too. What I'm using in this trial is my boyfriend's Sony ZX headphones. 

The lighting in my room isn't exactly the best, so I made do with what I could. 

And that marshmallow lollipop was hard to eat lol

Wig: Vogue Royal Cosplay
Lenses: Serendipity Btq

The wig was a gift from my boyfriend. I fixed it a bit... ah it's so fluffy I wished my real hair was like that! 

I'll probably do another costume trial for the upcoming ToyCon this June. Who will I be going as? Who knows? 

See you around!

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