Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Blonde Girls ♡

And a derp. 

Regina and I have planned this shoot for ages, actually (ever since she got her blonde wig). This is kind of a celebratory post since we've made it past our first year in college. (As for me, again.) Dexty Nyan appeared shortly after we got tired of posing, so guess what we did. 

Our funshoot had three themes. First batch of pictures are the titular "Two Blonde Girls". (Click on the photos for a larger view!)

Second is our Vocaloid-themed pictures. We did a Luka and Miku!~

And the last one is our Saint Young Men-inspired photo set. (Which kinda happens to be my favorite since we got to show our usual goofy selves.)

I'm sure some of you are asking where Nyanners is... 

There's the beauty him... uh, herself. 

Since Nyanners was mentioned, I'd like to help him out on his event this coming May 17, 2014

NyanCos Reloaded is open to all cosplayers, photographers, otakus and anime enthusiasts! Proceeds of the event will be used to buy school materials for young public school children. 

Event details can be found here♡^▽^♡ 

I'll be there at the event with my dear boyfriend! I still don't know who I'm going as, but say hi if you see me around!~ 

~ tony-nyan 

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