Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tony Cosplays?!: A list of characters that I want to cosplay and stuff, Part 2!

I present to all of you once again... My cosplans! (ノ・∀・)ノ

As usual, I will begin my post stating (once again) that I am too old for cosplay, but then again, I'm just gonna disagree with myself here and now. 

Some have asked me how often I go to cons. I've joined cons twice, and they're a year apart. My first time to ever attend a con was last 2012, the 11th TOYCON PH: The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention, and I attended again last year. 

Cosplay, for me, is pure fun. It's an art. I cosplay for fun, and I act (not just simply cosplay) because it's an art. I get a kick out of dressing up as someone so different, and emulating their personality is something I also enjoy doing. 

So! Enough of this fiddledaddle and allow me to talk once again about some of the characters I (seriously) want to cosplay!~

To your upper left is one of the newest additions to the Disney Princesses, Merida, from Brave. I relate to her in a lot of ways, not just because we're both curly-haired. (Tehe.) Her relationship with her mother is something I relate to a lot, plus the whole changing / defying fate thing. 

Below is the protagonist of the series Blood +, Saya Otonashi. She's been one of my fantasy cosplans for as long as I can remember. Though a lot have told me that I should cosplay her twin sister, Diva, mainly because they think our personalities mesh more... Meaning I don't really have to act like Diva at all, because I am her

The last one on the left is one of the titular characters of RWBY, Yellow / Yang Xiao Long. Here's a little back-story on why I want to cosplay her. My dearest Dexty introduced us to this work of art. RWBY is a web-series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. The art is beautiful and the story is amazeballs, in my opinion. Each episode runs at six to seven minutes, with an exception to the first and last episodes, with both running at 12 to 15 minutes. Season one has ended quite dramatically, with a major cliffhanger and all... Why not run to the website and do some watching? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Yang is the spunky big sister of Ruby. Not only is she pretty, but she packs a mean punch with her Ember Celica. To be able to cosplay her would be a dream come true. Personality-wise, she's very outgoing and (obviously) fun-loving. I don't think I'll have a problem doing being her at all. \(^O^)/ 

Top and center is Eru Chitanda from Hyouka. She's the well-mannered president of the Classic Literature Club of her school. I had a kick watching the series because the story was interesting, and the main characters were even more interesting, especially Eru. Like her, my curiosity isn't something that's easily tamed. 

Bottom center is the very popular internet idol, the VOCALOID Miku Hatsune! I know what you're thinking. Dexter mentioned the same thing: Almost everyone is cosplaying her. I... don't really mind, you know. The urge to cosplay her rose when I started listening to her songs, which began when I was still writing fanfiction, which was actually a really, really long time ago. My favorite songs of hers are World is Mine, FREELY TOMORROW, Romeo and Cinderella and Cat Food. I absolutely love all of her songs and I have a lot of them on my iPod, but nothing beats my boyfriend's collection. I think he has all of her songs on his iPod Classic. Her songs are all works of art by different Nico Nico composers and some have really rad stories in them.

On the upper right corner is Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist / Brotherhood. The reason why I want to cosplay her is simple, really. She got married to Edward Elric, and I happened to be madly in love Edward when I was younger. I even went so far as to stating that when I come of age, I'd marry him. (I was 13 at that time, so that was probably nilly-willy for other people, but not for me.) Time passed and I'm now 20.75 years old. I figured now that I'll never be able to marry him (Because... Well... I have my dearest John Vincent now), but there was a way, and yes, that was to cosplay his wife. (´∀`)♡ 

To be honest, I only got to watch the first series, which was released roughly 10 years ago. I still have yet to watch the 2009 series, Brotherhood, (Where Edward and Winry actually get married) but I'll leave that for another day. 

Last on the list is Miwako Sakurada from Paradise Kiss. You probably guessed why I want to cosplay her: It's the pink hair again. Aside from that, Miwako is totes adorable and so is her style, a mix of Lolita and Fairy Kei

And this concludes my second list of characters I want to cosplay! Again, it's probably a little bit too much for a girl on a budget, but I'm smart, (and I have an even smarter boyfriend) and I'm going to take it one cosplay at a time!~ What's important is that I enjoy, and you should, too! 

See you at a con soon!~ 

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