Friday, November 15, 2013

The Girl

Hello, I'm Tony. I'm a 20-something church girl CGD-Comm Arts hybrid living on one of the islands of the Philippines. I was born on the 1st of May, and my parents have no reason not to celebrate my birthday because it's also Labor Day (here in the Philippines). I've been a church lady since I was 18, and I only have a handful of friends whom I like hanging out with. Part-time Mafia boss, frustrated artist, and Pokemon Trainer.

I like - reading, writing, blogging, nature photography, taking (a shameless number of) selfies, chasing cats, dodging responsibilities, keeping things uniform and clean, and annoying my cute boyfriend Vincent. When I'm not dressed up as a magical girl, I'm the Parish Youth Ministry Coordinator of our church. 

My life goals - One of my major goals in life is to publish a book. I once got into GMA as an intern. I plan to return there as a newscaster or a journalist. I want to build a Mariapolis in my current city. 

My story in the most basic way ever - Though born in the heart of the Philippines, Manila, I learned my first steps in the Summer Capital, Baguio. My family and I remained there until my little sister's baptism. I was six years old when we left for Quezon City, and remained there until I turned 10 years old. I spent most of my grade school days in St. Mary's College, until my family had to move again, this time, to the mountains. 

I graduated from high school in 2010 and pursued a bachelor's degree in Computer Graphics Design at CIIT Philippines. I graduated from my first course in 2012 and I am now on my senior year of Communication Arts in La Salle College Antipolo. 

My blog contains a lot of my musings and day-to-day struggles and victories. Enjoy them with me.

You can get in touch with me at tonyjamias [ at ]

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