Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Story of a King's Beloved Princess

Exactly one year ago, I was chosen.

For others, it may have been a simple pasttime, something to keep them preoccupied. It was a different case for me, though.

Two years ago, I made a decision. My 18th birthday became the turning point in my life.

I had just said yes to God.

It took a little prodding from my father, then I realized... "For my dad, why not?" Little did I know that such a small decision could bring such a great change in my life.

But perhaps it wasn't such a little decision. The miracles that a simple "yes" brought into my life was... absolutely amazing. I thought to myself, "Why haven't I said yes to you before, my God?"

And that simple and wonderful choice I made, the quiet pledge between a daughter and her Lord Father, led me to a life that will never be the same again.


I was 18 when I first agreed to become a lector for our parish. I wasn't aware of what a "parish" was and what exactly I had to do, but when I saw the radical change in my dad, along with a bit of his chiding and coaxing, I decided to give it a shot.

But it wasn't just a shot that I gave. Along with that came my whole life. Believe me, I'm not the same girl I used to be. Admittedly, I'm still a bit shy, but I made a turnaround from a mess to blessed.

Oh, yes, His love is what made me beautiful. His love is what changed me. His love is what He gave me the moment I answered His call.

My story is not all extraordinary, in fact, you may have heard similar ones. One with a child desperate to find her purpose. Lost with an unfulfilled heart and desire, she wandered aimlessly, in search of an ideal happiness that deluded her.

I was lost, just like everyone else, but then He found me.

I only longed for one thing but found everything I needed.

And now I believe that I'm no longer an ordinary girl, but a girl with an extraordinary Father. I am a King's beloved princess and He has crowned me not with gold and diamonds, but with His eternal love and mercy, which are far more precious than elements that melt and shatter. He made me beautiful with His love, and I will forever sing of His glory and what He has done for me.

In return for saving me, I wished to do something for Him as well.

But what exactly could a simple girl like me offer to a King most high?

I know. We all know what He wants and that is exactly what I offered. I had nothing to give but myself, but that was all that He needed. And I know that it pleased Him because He has been keeping an eye on me ever since.


May 26, 2012. A year after I said yes, after our agreement, I was commissioned into service of the Lord as a lector of Transfi.

A priest once told us to always remember that moment. Keep it in our hearts and remember it in times when we feel like breaking. Why, you ask? Because that moment was when we were closest to God.

I frequently relive that moment in times when I feel like I no longer deserve to serve Him. It remained a constant reminder to me of my promise to Him; that I am His most precious daughter and that He has chosen me to speak of His word and glory.

Throughout the year, my Father has given me the best things, and they aren't necessarily things. 

He gave me a boy whom I love and who loves the Lord just as much as I do and an extended family of church workers just like me, and we all share the same kind of passion for serving our Father. 

My dear friends, I am writing this not because I want to be recognized, but rather, for my Lord Father to be recognized.

Should anyone ever ask me, "Why did you choose to serve the Lord?" I will simply answer, "He who chose me to serve Him!"

And today is May 26, 2013. Exactly one year ago, I made a choice. But even though I was the one who made a choice, it was still Him who chose me. These paired-up choices led me to where I am today, still ardently and eagerly commissioned in the service of my Lord Father.

(Forgive me for the screwy layout. Blogging through my iPod and I just had to post this!) 

~a beloved princess

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